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Employee Assistance Program

PAS is a resource that can enhance your wellbeing at any stage of life: being a better parent, grandparent, friend or spouse/partner; achieving life balance; planning for the future; becoming happier and more resilient; overcoming addictions; solving legal and financial challenges, being more efficient, and so much more.

A wide array of confidential counseling and life coaching services are available at no cost to you and your dependents. PAS’ Helpline is answered 24/7 by Masters’ level counselors who will help you design a plan and personally arrange services to meet your needs. Call (800) 356-0845 or visit

Employee Orientation - EAP Benefit

PAS EAP Brochure

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Additional Resources for Part-Time Employees and Adjunct Faculty:

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Free Counseling Services

As of August 2022 PAS released a new member portal, Employees are required to have an individual member log in to the new portal. Users can register with their home or work email and by using company ID Jeffco.

What can PAS do for you? Click here to find out!

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