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Class Schedule

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Spring 2023 registration begins October 17th. 

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Course Delivery Descriptions Check the class comments area for information on course delivery.

= Set class times will meet in-person. There will be additional online coursework to be completed on your own time, while meeting submission deadlines set by the faculty member.
Split Model
= Class will meet partially in-person and will also have Google Meet sessions which need to be accessed at specific times.
= Set class times will meet fully in-person.
= Course completed online, but may require on-campus exams or projects Coursework to be completed on your schedule, but must meet submission deadlines set by the faculty member.
Live Remote/Synchronous Online
= Course conducted entirely through Google Meet at scheduled times.

**Enrollment in short sessions is limited to 4 credit hours.
These terms include: Wintersession, Summer Intersession, and the four-week terms in Summer. **

***For Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) classes, see Precision Machining Technology (PMT) in the class schedule.

Class Schedule

FALL 2022


Registration opens October 17th. 

Add/Drop/Withdrawal DEADLINES
All Courses All Courses DRAFT
JC - Hillsboro JC - Hillsboro DRAFT
JC - Arnold JC -Arnold DRAFT
JC - Online JC - Online DRAFT
JC - Imperial JC - Imperial DRAFT
Evening Evening DRAFT
Saturday Saturday DRAFT
First 8-Week First 8-Week DRAFT
Second 8-Week Second 8-Week DRAFT
14-Week 14-Week DRAFT
Hybrid Hybrid DRAFT
Honors Honors DRAFT
Law Enforcement Academy Law Enforcement Academy DRAFT
Wintersession**(Limited to 4 credit hours) DRAFT

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Days of week are designated:
M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
R = Thursday
F = Friday
S = Saturday
U = Sunday
ARR = Arranged time/days or online  

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2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Open House - 5600 - APR 2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Showcase - 5600 - APR