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Payment Options

Payment of Tuition and Registration Fees

It is expected at the point of enrollment that students have determined a manner in which they intend to pay for their college expenses.

When a student registers for classes, the following three payment options are available:

1) Pay in full;
2) Have pending financial aid*;
3) Enroll in the tuition payment plan.

Sign up for a payment plan or pending aid payment plan through your MyJeffco Student tab.

One of these three options must be in place by the Drop For Non-Payment deadlines below to secure your enrollment in classes.

*Pending financial aid is defined as FAFSA results and all other required and requested forms of supporting documentation received by Jefferson College that indicate that a student is eligible for federal/state financial aid.

Fall 2021 Payment Plan Option Registration Deadlines - Sign up on your MyJeffco Student Tab 

  • Wednesday, June 16   (0% down/5 payments)
  • Wednesday, July 14   (0% down/4 payments)
  • Wednesday, August 11  (25% down/3 payments)
  • Wednesday, September 15   (50% down/2 payments)
  • Wednesday, October 13   (50% down/1 payment)

Fall 2021 Pending Aid Only - Sign up on your MyJeffco Student Tab 

  • September 15  (0% down/one payment)
  • To be eligible for Pending Aid Plan, a student would needed to have completed a 2021-2022 FAFSA.
  • Pending aid is a tuition payment plan designed to secure a payment option and hold your seat in classes while your financial aid is being packaged. It is important to submit outstanding financial aid documentation in a timely manner.
  • Pending aid plan also allows a student to make a payments and be paid in full by October 31.
  • Any outstanding charges on your account after October 31, along with an additional fee, will be charged to your account.

Fall 2021 Drop for Non-Payment Dates

Students will be dropped from their courses on these dates if one of the above payment options is not secured.
  • Thursday, July 29   (for students who register prior to July 25)
  • Thursday, August 12   (for students who register July 26 - August 8 )
  • Thursday, August 26   (for students who register August 9 - August 22)
  • Thursday, September 16   (for students who register August 23 - September 12)
  • Thursday, September 30  (for those who register September 13 - September 26)
  • Thursday, October 14  (for students who register September 27 - October 14)

Additional Payment Information

Payments must be in the form of cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Payment plans and payment provisions are posted online and on MyJeffco. Students who enroll in a payment plan are responsible for all associated fees and compliance with all applicable payment plan provisions. Also, the Pending Aid Payment Plan is intended for students who anticipate receiving Pell Grant, A+, institutional scholarship, student loan, or other government agency funding. Only students who have completed and sent their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to Jefferson College, school code 002468, are eligible for the Pending Aid Payment Plan. This option allows additional time for financial aid to be processed before a student must begin making payments on his/her account balance. Being prompted with the Pending Aid Payment Plan is not a guarantee that financial aid will be received, nor that the financial aid awarded will be large enough to cover the student’s total account balance. The Pending Aid Payment Plan does not require a down payment and there is a $0 upfront fee for this plan. However, once financial aid disburses, if a balance remains on the student’s account, a non-refundable $40 payment plan fee will be processed with the payment. By enrolling in this payment plan, the student accepts responsibility for payment of any account balance not covered by financial aid. 

Jefferson College encourages students and their families to submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) several months prior to enrolling in classes. This provides the opportunity for financial aid to be fully processed by the time that classes begin. It is strongly recommended that the FAFSA is filed with the Jefferson College school code (002468) no later than March 15 for an anticipated summer term enrollment, June 1 for an anticipated fall semester enrollment, and October 1 for an anticipated spring semester enrollment. Following these FAFSA submission guidelines helps to ensure that financial aid information can be fully reviewed and processed in a timely fashion, and helps to prevent student schedules from being dropped for non-payment. Please note that the State of Missouri FAFSA priority filing deadline is February 1 each year.

If a student decides to drop courses once enrolled, it is the student’s responsibility to drop within the refund period to ensure that the student’s financial obligation to the College is cancelled. A student may drop courses online through MyJeffco, or submit a Schedule Change Form to (which can be printed from the Student tab in MyJeffco or picked up in person at any Jefferson College location). This form may be returned to the Office of Enrollment Services in the Student Center, the appropriate dean or associate dean’s office, or at the offices at Jefferson College Arnold or Jefferson College Imperial.

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