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The Jefferson College Bookstore, located on the the lower-level of the Student Center, provides an assortment of collegiate apparel - including t-shirts, sweatshirts, gifts, hats and more. Our selection of textbooks, general books, computers, course materials, and supplies will ensure every student is prepared for success.

Call, contact or come into the Campus Store today or conveniently shop online at ordering online, you can either ship to your home or pick-up in-store. 

Customer Care:

Please note that if the College is closed for a holiday or inclement weather the bookstore will also be closed.

Viking-Ready Book Bundle

The Jefferson College Bookstore proudly offers all students the Viking-Ready Book Bundle to purchase their required course materials at a low rate of $24 per credit hour. Students will save 35-50% on the cost of course materials each term in this program, and the cost of those materials will be visible on the student account. All materials will be picked up or delivered on or before the first day of class. 

Learn more about the Viking-Ready Book Bundle!

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