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Online Learning at Jefferson College

Jefferson College online courses provide students with choices that may better fit their learning style or lifestyle. These courses enable today's busy students to continue their education, via alternatives to the traditional face-to-face format.

The benefits of taking courses online through Jefferson College include:


  • No need to schedule courses around work schedules
  • Study where and when it works for the individual student.

Cost Savings*

  • Transportation expenses are greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.
  • Courses taken through Jefferson College can be considerably less expensive than equivalent courses offered at other institutions.  

Course Transferability

  • Online courses are equal to their face-to-face versions and are accepted in transfer by many institutions.
  • Students enrolled at other institutions can take courses at Jefferson College and transfer the credits back to their home school.

Students may opt to complete the Associate of Arts in General Studies degree completely online** or take courses toward fulfillment of other degrees and certificates offered at Jefferson College and elsewhere. See the Online Degrees and Courses page for more information on specific degrees and courses.


Interested in Online Courses? See if you have what it takes here!


In Support of the College Vision and Mission

The Office of Online Learning works closely in conjunction with multiple campus partners to provide “quality learning opportunities that empower individuals to achieve their goals,” whether through online, hybrid, or face-to-face modalities. The Canvas learning management system is a flexible online environment within which students and faculty can participate in “innovative learning experiences in a supportive and inclusive environment.” To support these efforts, the Office of Online Learning strives to reach the following goals: 

  • To promote student engagement in online and hybrid courses;
  • To encourage innovative teaching and learning practices that meet the needs of a diverse student population;
  • To create an academically rigorous and relevant learning environment;
  • To facilitate college-wide commitment that supports access, student development, student success, and academic goal completion;
  • To support faculty and student use of learning technologies; and
  • To use peer-review and data-driven processes to assess courses and services.


Location and Staff

The Office of Online Learning is located in the Technology Center Room 101.

Dan Lauder

Sr. Instructional Designer

(636) 481-3357

Karen Altenau-Smith

Instructional Design Assistant

(636) 481-3483


Anson Froeschner

Help Desk

(636) 481-3234 option 2


* Some online courses carry a small extra fee for course delivery. This information can be found in the course schedule.

** Some courses require that major exams be taken with a proctor on campus. Some instructors may allow use of a remote proctor for these exams. Individual instructor preference may vary.

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