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Employee Tuition Benefits

Jefferson College Employee Tuition Benefits

Tuition Waiver

  • Jefferson College
    • Tuition may be waived for the benefit of employees, adjunct faculty, retirees, and eligible dependents of full-time regular employees/retired full-time regular employees who enroll in Jefferson College credit and continuing education classes. Refer to the Faculty & Staff Handbook for conditions and procedures.
    • Tuition Waiver Form

  • Central Methodist University
    • Full-time faculty and staff of JC (does not include part-time employees), and their dependents (defined as spouse or dependent child), may have tuition charges (but not fees, books or supplies) waived each term while attending CMU as outlined below.
    • Undergraduate: Full-time faculty, staff, and their dependents may have 100 percent of undergraduate tuition charges waived each term while attending CMU.
    • Graduate: Full-time faculty and staff may have 50 percent of graduate tuition charges waived each term while attending CMU. 
    • All qualifying JC employees and dependents applying for a tuition waiver must also complete the federal aid application, as well as state aid as applicable, and all federal or state aid received must be applied first toward the tuition and fees incurred. Applicants must be admitted to any degree program by normal criteria and processes. 
    • The number of classes taken each term may not exceed the maximum allowed by CMU and the JC employee's supervisor must agree that the proposed courses will not interfere with any employment duties.
    • Employees will need to contact Central Methodist University directly to complete the appropriate forms required for the tuition waiver.

Central Methodist University Contact Information:
Michelle Schuler, Assistant Dean

  • Missouri Baptist University
    • MBU shall extend the following tuition concession, educational benefits (for undergraduate courses only), to JC regular full-time employees, their spouses and children subject to certain limitations (i.e. full-time employees, dependent children, currently employed with at least one year of full-time employment, etc.):
    • 100% tuition only concession for MBU courses taken through the Regional Learning Centers (RLC) (this includes online courses for RLC students).
    • 50% tuition concession for undergraduate MBU courses offered on the main campus (St Louis, MO), to include face-to-face and online courses.
    • 20% tuition concession for graduate MBU courses offered on the main campus (St. Louis, MO) to include face-to-face and online courses for JC regular full-time employees subject to the limitations listed above. Spouses and employees' children are not eligible for graduate tuition concession. Doctoral courses are not included in the tuition concession.
    • Employees will need to contact Missouri Baptist University directly to complete the appropriate forms required for the tuition waiver.

*If a student has to pay tuition through MBU, the employee can apply for reimbursement through the tuition reimbursement process provided by Jefferson College for their costs up to the higher of the same cost at Mizzou or UMSL as per the tuition reimbursement policy - more information on this policy is listed below under the "Tuition Reimbursement" section. 

Missouri Baptist University Contact Information:
Dr. Jerry Raines, Director - Troy/Wentzville Regional Learning Center

  • William Woods University
    • WWU provides enhanced benefits to Jefferson College employees and their families by providing a 20% tuition discount to be applied to online courses taken at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level; or, a 60% tuition only discount to Jefferson College employee spouse or dependent(s) desiring a traditional, residential or commuter experience at the Fulton Campus.
    • WWU also provides a 20% tuition discount on professional certificate programs to Jefferson College employees and their families. These certificates can also be used as transfer credit into undergraduate programs at WWU. 
    • The 20% online tuition discount offered to Jefferson College employees cannot be retroactively applied but may be combined with other aid source. WWU financial aid awarding policies will be adhered to for stacking order of external aid.
    • All books, course materials, and fees by degree level are the responsibility of the student.
    • Click here for more information on the tuition benefit offered by William Woods University.
    • Employees will need to contact William Woods University directly to complete the appropriate forms required for the tuition waiver.

William Woods University Contact Information:
Kathy Groves, Vice President - Strategic Partnerships

Tuition Reimbursement

It shall be the policy of the Board of Trustees that regular full-time faculty and staff members shall be eligible for financial assistance with the cost of approved college and university study directed toward improvement of their qualifications. Reimbursement of tuition or incidental fee expenses shall be available in an amount up to the semester hour cost for such courses if taken at either the University of Missouri-Columbia or the University of Missouri-St. Louis, whichever institution has the higher rate for that academic year.  Refer to the Faculty & Staff Handbook for conditions and procedures.

Per the announcement sent out August 3, 2023:

UMSL and Mizzou have changed to a new tuition structure. They no longer charge tuition based on a flat rate per credit hour but will charge per credit hour based on the student's major/field of study. In addition, they now have a tuition structure that includes mandatory fees. As a result, our current tuition reimbursement policy (II-020) will be reevaluated as it relates to tuition reimbursements and advances.

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to receiving the reimbursements and advances for upcoming courses. To determine the correct amount of tuition reimbursement, refer to each link below to select the appropriate higher rate of the two. Mizzou directs you to complete a worksheet to determine the charge per credit hour whereas UMSL has published rates for various majors.

The employee should attach the appropriate rate from each institution to the Application for Approval of Tuition Reimbursement. If requesting an advance, additional required paperwork for tuition includes:

  • Order for Payment Form
  • School's Schedule & Bill
  • Promissory Note

The Business Office will confirm the appropriate maximum reimbursement/advance amount for the course(s).

For questions regarding tuition reimbursement, please contact Susan McCarty, Accounts Payable Specialist, at extension 3122.

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