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Anyone who has a concern about a student is encouraged to fill out a Maxient reporting form. This will ensure someone is reaching out to the student to ensure they are supported.

Incidents of an emergency or crisis nature occurring evenings, weekends or during times when the College is not in session should be referred to Campus Police by calling 911 or extension 3500. Campus Police will notify the appropriate individuals about the situation.

To learn more about "Vikings Care" initiatives,  please contact:

Kristine Bogue
Student Center, 2nd Floor

 or Alicia Ott, MA, LPC, TF-CBT
Student Center, 2nd Floor

Vikings Care Mission:
Jefferson College and COMTREA on Campus envision an environment that promotes student wellness, safety and educational success.  We recognize the challenges of being a college student and strive to provide educational opportunities to develop life skills, increase help-seeking behaviors, promote safety and encourage diversity.  Through "Vikings Care" (formally known as r u ok?) initiatives we connect students to resources that help them to achieve their goals.

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