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  • Maxwell Thebeau
    • Name: Maxwell Thebeau
    • Title: Student Workers
    • Department: Academic Success Center Support
  • Shirley Thomas
    • Name: Shirley Thomas
    • Title: Bldg & Grounds Tech I - JCA
    • Department: Maintenance
  • Torri Thomas
    • Name: Torri Thomas
    • Title: Sr. Student Services Specialist
    • Department: Student Support Services (Trio)
    • Phone: 636-481-3284
  • Joseph Thurman

    Bio: Joseph Thurman holds an M.A. degree and a B.A. degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He is currently working toward a Community College Teaching and Learning Graduate Certificate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and then plans to begin work on his Ph.D. in history. Joseph`s primary field of interest is 19th-century United States history, specifically the Reconstruction Era. He is currently conducting research for an article about the education of Freedmen in Missouri during Reconstruction. Joseph has also conducted award winning research on the Nazi educational system. In addition, he recently published an article on James H. Lucas in the Missouri Historical Review, which he plans to extend to a full-length biography. Joseph has taught United States History at Jefferson College since August 2004. He has also taught United States, European, and World History at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois (2005-2008).

  • Blake Tilley
    • Name: Blake Tilley
    • Title: Executive Director of Development & Strategic Communications
    • Department: Institutional Advancement
    • Phone: 636-481-3104
  • Kendall Tilley
    • Name: Kendall Tilley
    • Title: Student Workers
    • Department: Computer Information Systems
  • Samantha Tinsley
    • Name: Samantha Tinsley
    • Title: Temp-Fitness Center
    • Department: Fitness Center
  • Susan Todd
    • Name: Susan Todd
    • Title: Professor
    • Department: English
    • Phone: 636-481-3347

    Bio: A former Jefferson College student, Susan Todd received her B.A. from St. Louis University and her M.A. from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She was an adjunct faculty member at Jefferson for several years and has taught for UM-St. Louis. Ms. Todd is the author of two books, Boredom Blasters and Kids Rule the World, and has been a freelance writer in travel, sports and public relations. She is the faculty advisor for the student newspaper, the Jefferson College Young Democrats Club, and the college`s chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

  • Michael Toombs
    • Name: Michael Toombs
    • Title: Director of Law Enforcement Academy
    • Department: Law Enforcement Academy
    • Phone: 636-481-3420
  • Brandon Treiber
    • Name: Brandon Treiber
    • Title: Temp-Emergency Medical Tech
    • Department: Emergency Medical Technology
  • Ronald Trucks
    • Name: Ronald Trucks
    • Title: Adjunct-Business Mgmt
    • Department: Business Management

    Bio: Mr. Trucks has worked as an adjunct instructor in the Business Management Department at Jefferson College since 2005 and currently teaches introductory Bookkeeping and QuickBooks courses. After graduating from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelors of Science in Hotel Administration, Ron worked in the industry for such companies as Hampton Inn Hotels and the Adam`s Mark Hotel Company. Along with operating his own bookkeeping and small business management consulting firm for almost 20 years, he currently serves as the Executive Director for a national non-profit organization headquartered in St. Louis. Additionally, Mr. Trucks has served as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors for Arsenal Credit Union for over 8 years.

  • Jimmie True
    • Name: Jimmie True
    • Title: Adjunct-CIS
    • Department: Computer Information Systems
  • Cole Tucker
  • Jeff Tucker
    • Name: Jeff Tucker
    • Title: Adjunct-CIS
    • Department: Computer Information Systems
  • Nerma Tulek
    • Name: Nerma Tulek
    • Title: Temp-Law Enforcement Academy
    • Department: Law Enforcement Academy

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