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Inclement Weather Cancellations

When a decision is made to cancel classes, information will be communicated via the Viking Text Message Service, the Jefferson College automated telephone system, the Jefferson College web site, MyJeffco announcement portal, social media, and selected television stations:

Separate announcements will be made for both day and evening class cancellations. The decision to cancel evening classes will be announced as early as possible (in most cases no later than 4 p.m.) as weather conditions change.

Television Stations
KTVI (channel 2), KMOV (channel 4), KSDK (channel 5), KPLR (channel 11)



Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

All cancellation notices pertain to Jefferson College Hillsboro, Jefferson College Arnold and Jefferson College Imperial. During the times that classes are cancelled, there will be no other activities/events held on college grounds (i.e. Missouri Baptist, UM-St. Louis, continuing education courses, special events, athletic practices/games).

Viking Text Message Service - Only Available to Students and Employees

The Viking Text Message Service was created to help you stay informed of important announcements concerning Jefferson College including campus closures for weather, emergencies, class cancellations, or other important information. This convenient service is available to all students and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up?
  • To register for this service, you must log into your MyJeffco account, then click on the “Viking Text” button on the Home Tab. You will be asked to enter your cell phone number and cellular carrier. It is strongly suggested that you use the "self test" function after you opt in to verify that your information is valid.
What do I need to do in order to participate in this service?
  • You will need a personal cell phone with some type of SMS (text messaging) service included in your plan.
What type of messages will I receive from Jefferson College?
  • You will receive messages pertaining to urgent matters, such as campus closings, weather alerts, emergencies, instructor absences, or other important college information.
If I sign up will I start getting junk messages from the College?
  • No. The messaging system will be used only for urgent matters. The privacy of your name and cell phone number is strictly protected, and will not be shared with any other party.
Is this service optional?
  • Yes - it is your decision whether or not to opt into this service. However, we strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity since in many cases text messaging is the fastest and most effective way of getting important messages to you.
How do I unsubscribe from this service?
  • Users must opt out via MyJeffco by clicking “opt out” within the Viking Text Message Service notification application. Students will not automatically be unsubscribed from this service upon departure from Jefferson College.
What if I change providers or phone numbers?
  • Users must opt out via MyJeffco by clicking “opt out” within the Viking Text Message Service notification application, then “opt in” with the new information.
Is there a limit to the number of cell phones I can register?
  • Yes. Each individual that registers for the text messaging system may only designate one cell number for contact.
Can I reply to a text message from Jefferson College?
  • As a bulk-messaging system, this service does not support the reply function on cell phones that can normally be used to send a return text message back to the sender.
Is there a charge for this service?
  • Jefferson College does not charge for participation in this service. Depending on your cell phone plan, your provider may bundle free text messaging as part of your agreement, or you may be charged a fee for every text message received. Contact your provider for details.
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