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Communicable Diseases

COVID-19 College Protocol and Operations Update - August 11, 2022 

In accordance with new guidance released today from the CDC, effective immediately, the College will no longer require reporting of positive COVID-19 cases by students or employees. However, the College will continue to monitor data for our region and may reinstate this safety protocol if warranted.  

The College highly recommends that all individuals stay home if they are sick, wear a mask if they have been exposed or exhibit symptoms, undergo a COVID test if symptomatic, and regularly clean work and study spaces.

Included in the updated CDC guidance is a chart that can be used as a helpful resource for those exhibiting symptoms.

Communicable Diseases Overview:

Jefferson College recognizes that certain communicable diseases can have serious implications on the good health and safety of all College community. It is important that all students, faculty, staff, and community members work together to reduce the spread of infectious diseases by engaging in prevention, intervention and collaborative partnerships. No single entity can improve the health of all across our communities. The College is committed to maintain the health and safety of the College community.

The college does not discriminate, in policy or practice, against persons infected with a communicable disease; however, it does expect that those individuals conduct themselves in an ethical and legal manner to protect themselves and others. By working together to adhere to the College’s health and safety protocols, we will create safe learning and working environments that support the well-being and growth of our students and employees.


Communicable diseases are illnesses that spread from one person to another or from an animal to a person. Some of the ways they may spread are through:

  • direct contact with a sick person
  • breathing in airborne viruses and bacteria
  • contact with blood and other body fluids
  • contact with a contaminated surface or object
  • bites from insects or animals that can transmit the disease

College Health Policy and Procedure:

Information for Specific Communicable Diseases:


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