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Academic Service Learning

Academic Service Learning integrates community service with learning and reflection.  An Academic Service Learning project will enrich the learning experience, give students real world experiences to apply to the concepts they are learning, teach civic responsibility, and build relationships in the community.  

What is an Academic Service Learning Project? Begin Here for the Basics...

  • Connect real-world experiences with at least one course learning outcome.
  • Involve a community partner found either by the instructor, or by the students.
  • Fulfill a need or are a "service" the community partner desires.
  • Are worth 10-40% of the total points in the class.
  • Are usually required, but may be optional if they take the place of another assignment.
  • Can be integrated into online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes in any discipline.
  • Require reflection at the conclusion of the project. Students each reflect upon:
    • How the project enhanced their learning and helped them master the learning outcome.
    • How likely they are to engage in community service in the future as a result of the project.

New Transcript Designation Beginning Fall 2021

Beginning in the fall 2021 semester, student participation in an Academic Service Learning project will be designated on the student's transcript.

  • A student who is enrolled in a course which offers a College recognized Academic Service Learning component will be eligible to receive Academic Service Learning transcript designation.
  • Following the approval of the Academic Service Learning project through the application process (Faculty, Academic Service Learning Coordinator, Associate Dean or ATS Program Director, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Dean of Instruction, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer), the class will become eligible for Academic Service Learning transcript designation.
  • During the time of final grade entry, the faculty member will submit to the Registrar names of students who successfully completed the Academic Service Learning project.

New Guidance for Academic Service Learning Beginning Fall 2020

If you plan to include an Academic Service Learning option in your classes, it is recommended that you implement the following:

  • If you are planning to provide a face to face Academic Service Learning option, contact the community partner in advance to determine any changes to protocol related to health and safety and to determine if there is new permission or liability release paperwork to be completed.
  • Consider providing an eService option for students who are uncomfortable or unable to serve in a face to face environment. If students are required to participate in Academic Service Learning as part of their course grade, it is recommended that an equitable option that does not require face to face meetings in the community should be made available.
  • Be certain to develop an alternate plan, in the event your class meeting arrangement is changed at any point in the semester.
  • Please include a statement in your course syllabus indicating that the College's mask and social distancing requirements should be followed when away from Campus participating in a Campus-related activity.

Academic eService Learning Projects

Academic eService Learning Projects allow for experiential learning by providing a virtual (online) service opportunity in a face-to-face, online or hybrid course. For more information, visit the givepulse website.

Representation in the Community...Following Jefferson College's Promotional and Marketing Guidelines

If your Academic Service Learning project involves any artifact or document (flyer, brochure, etc.)  that will be distributed to the partnering agency or institution please consult the Jefferson College Visual Style Guide for direction in the development of the project. Projects including such artifacts or documents will be reviewed by Marketing and Public Relations as part of the stipend application process.

College-wide use of the graphic identity system is key to its effectiveness in communicating our distinctive brand. Used consistently and correctly over time, having a uniform graphic style helps to build a strong, coherent visual brand identity for the entire College and all its divisions. For specific resources (i.e., College's Logo, Letterhead, PowerPoint Presentation templates) please visit the Marketing and Public Relationship Department Page.

When representing the College in the community through an Academic Service Learning presentation, consider using the following PowerPoint template:

Academic Service Learning 
PowerPoint Template Standard
Academic Service Learning
PowerPoint Template Widescreen

Community Partners

If you are a business or institution in the area with an interest in partnering for Academic Service Learning, please complete the Service-Learning Community Interest form or contact Dr. Amy Kausler at or 636-481-3317. Let's work together to serve your needs and ours! 

Faculty Resources

Complete the application if you are interested in receiving a stipend for your Academic Service Learning project.

Please note:

  • Faculty completing an Academic Service Learning project are eligible for a $500 stipend.
  • When the same or similar project is offered in more than one section of a course, or in two or more different courses, one stipend will be provided.
  • If a faculty member offers two Academic Service Learning projects in different sections or courses the same semester, the faculty will be eligible for two stipends if the projects are markedly different projects (e.g., different learning outcomes, different community partners).
  • In most cases, two projects in the same class are not eligible for separate stipends. Contact the Academic Service Learning Coordinator if there is a unique situation you would like to discuss related to this guideline.
  • Faculty are eligible for a maximum of two stipends per semester.

Academic Service Learning Project Application

Contact Amy Kausler at or (636) 481-3317 any time to arrange an appointment, ask a question, or to discuss potential Academic Service Learning projects.

Academic Service Learning Bits

What Makes Academic Service Learning Unique: Reflection and Reciprocity

If you are interested learning more about how service learning can meet your learning outcomes, the following article from Faculty Focus discusses how to create the bridge between the experience and the outcomes. It discusses the reflection aspect of academic service learning, and the types of reflection students should aim for.

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Visit Faculty Focus for Higher Ed Teacher Strategies

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