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Peer Tutoring

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The Jefferson College Peer Tutoring Program’s mission is to provide students with the academic support, resources, study skills and peer collaboration to assist students to be successful in their courses.

The Peer Tutoring program provides one on one tutoring with a fellow student who has already been successful in the class.

For students wanting to request a peer tutor, the program provides one hour of FREE tutoring each week per class.  Students with documented disabilities or students in Project Success may request additional tutoring hours. 

Request a tutor by submitting an online request form.

To be a peer tutor, students must have an overall 3.0 GPA . The GPA requirements must be met every semester.  Peer tutors are paid for individual tutoring or for group tutoring.  Jefferson College provides the training to be peer tutor.

Peer Tutor Requirements for CRLA Certification: 

Watch the training videos produced by North Carolina State University once you have been approved by the Peer Tutor Coordinator to be a Peer Tutor:


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