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Law Enforcement Academy

In order to meet the growing needs of our students and law enforcement agencies, The Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy would like to announce the expansion of our Certificate Only program.

In 2024, the Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy will be offering a Certificate Part-Time Night class beginning on March 4, 2024; anticipated graduation date of November 14, 2024.  The academy will also offer a Certificate Full Time Day Class that will begin August 19, 2024; and an anticipated graduation date of mid-February 2025.  Both programs will deliver 915 POST training hours.  Upon completion of the program graduates will earn a Missouri Class A Peace Officers License and 40 college credits.  

The mission of the Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy is to provide quality law enforcement training for both the new law enforcement recruit and the veteran law enforcement officer. The training is designed to provide individuals and agencies with the information and skills needed to meet the needs of the community, develop skills to remain current in information and technology, and to prepare law enforcement officers to successfully respond to the challenges of a diverse society.

The Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy's ongoing assessment of recruits, law enforcement continuing (in-service) education, programs, and services assures that it will remain a responsive and progressive law enforcement academy.

Basic Academy Requirements

  • Applicants must be 20 years of age at the start of the program.  You must be 21 years old to take the State Licensing Exam.
  • Applicants must be a US citizen.    
  • Applicants must apply to Jefferson College and meet College reading placement standards. 
  • Applicants must submit an application to the Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy with all required supporting documents. 
  • Applicants given provisional acceptance must submit to fingerprint testing through the Missouri Highway Patrol.  

2022 Missouri P.O.S.T. Pass Rates
037 Day Class - Graduated April 20, 2022 - 100%
038 P.O.S.T. Class - Graduated June 23, 2022 - 100%

2021 Missouri P.O.S.T. Pass Rates
034 Day Class - Graduated April 29, 2021 - 100%
035 P.O.S.T. Class - Graduated June 30, 2021 - 100%
036 Night Class - Graduated December 9, 2021 - 100%

2020 Missouri P.O.S.T. Pass Rates
031 Day Class - Graduated May 15, 2020 - 100%
032 P.O.S.T. Class - Graduated July 12, 2020 - 100%
033 Night Class - Graduated December 3, 2020 - 100%

2019 Missouri P.O.S.T. Pass Rates
028 Day Class - Graduated April 23, 2019 - 100%
029 POST Class - Graduated June 19, 2019 - 100%
030 Night Class - Graduated December 10, 2019 - 100%

2018 Missouri P.O.S.T. Pass Rates
025 Day Class - Graduated April 23, 2018 - 100%
026 P.O.S.T. Class - Graduated June 28, 2018 - 100%
027 Night Class - Graduated December 6, 2018 - 100%

2017 Missouri P.O.S.T. Pass Rates
022 Day Class - Graduated April 27, 2017 - 100%
023 P.O.S.T. Class - Graduated August 24, 2017 - 100%
024 Night Class - Graduated December 12, 2017 - 100%

The academy is located on the Jefferson College Imperial site at 4400 Jeffco Blvd., Arnold, Missouri 63010, just south of Richardson Road. The location is convenient to surrounding counties and easy to access from I-55.

Jefferson College’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is now available. This report is required by federal law and contains policy statements and crime statistics for Jefferson College. The policy statements address Jefferson College’s policies, procedures, and programs concerning safety and security, for example, policies for responding to emergency situations and sexual offenses.

Additionally, this report contains information regarding campus security and personal safety, including topics such as: crime prevention, fire safety, Jefferson College Campus Police Department enforcement authority, crime reporting policies, disciplinary procedures, and other matters of importance related to security and safety on campus. Also included are crime statistics for three previous calendar years which were reported to have occurred on campus, in or on off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the school, and on public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus.

This report is available online at:

You may also request a paper copy from the Jefferson College Police Department by phone at 636-481-3500 or at Jefferson College Hillsboro-802 Mel Carnahan Drive, Apartment 214, Hillsboro, MO 63050; Jefferson College Arnold-1687 Missouri State Road, Arnold, MO 63010; or Jefferson College Imperial-4400 Jeffco Boulevard, Arnold, MO 63010.

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