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Scholarships Offered

The Jefferson College Scholarship program rewards academic excellence through scholarships provided by the Board of Trustees, the local community, and the Jefferson College Foundation, Inc. Learn more about the available scholarship opportunities, including requirements and renewal information, below:

Institutional Scholarships

Foundation/Community Scholarships

Submit your Scholarship Application now and be eligible for more than 100 scholarships, including those above, with just one single application.

Transfer Scholarships:

For other transfer scholarship opportunities, please contact the financial aid office at the institution that you plan on attending.

Awarding Criteria of Recipients

1. Any Missouri resident who is at least 65 years of age on or before August 1 of the school year may take college level courses (audit only) at Jefferson College tuition free.
2. The scholarship covers only the cost of tuition. The student is responsible for the cost of technology fees, lab fees, supplies and textbooks.
3. This scholarship is limited to study in college courses that are not typically in high-demand by degree-seeking students. To confirm space is available, scholarship recipients may not be permitted to register for classes until the Friday before classes begin.
4. All course prerequisites must be met.
5. When registering for college level courses the student must elect to “audit” the course(s). 

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