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Coronavirus Relief Funds - ARP

Coronavirus Relief Funds - ARP

Jefferson College received $4,600,344 through the American Rescue Plan (ARP), a Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to support emergency financial aid grants for 2021-2022 Jefferson College students struggling to cover any component of their educational costs. During fall 2021, approximately 1,900 students received $3,735,000 in ARP Emergency Financial Aid Grants and more than 100 students who experienced hardship while attending Jefferson College during the COVID-19 national emergency received $101,336 to assist with an outstanding debt through a Past Due Balance Grant.  During spring 2022, more than 1,400 students received $764,008 in ARP support.

Student Eligibility for an ARP Emergency Financial Aid Grant

Post-secondary financial aid applicants with a 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) reflecting a Pell Grant and/or Access Missouri Grant income level (an EFC of 12,000 or less) at the time of payment received an American Rescue Plan Grant for fall 2021.  In addition, students who confirmed their financial hardship and received coronavirus relief in spring or summer 2021 were considered for an automatic award for fall 2021.  Other degree and certificate-seeking students, as well as non-degree seeking, non-credit, dual enrollment, and continuing education students in Jefferson College courses could request an ARP emergency financial aid grant through manual application.  ARP funds remained available for small amounts of coronavirus relief to be issued to spring 2022 students with need confirmed in 2021.

Process for Requesting an ARP Emergency Financial Aid Grant

Students with a 2021-2022 FAFSA reflecting an EFC above 12,000, those without a 2021-2022 FAFSA, and non-degree seeking, non-credit, dual enrollment, and continuing education students had to submit an application for ARP assistance by December 18, 2021.  Requests were considered on a first-come, first-served basis until funds were depleted.  Submission of an application was not a guarantee that a grant was awarded.  Students who were not enrolled, not participating, or who had withdrawn from the institution, were not eligible.  Students who wished to decline the grant were directed to the Financial Aid Office.

American Rescue Plan Grant Application
***ARP Grants are no longer available ***

ARP Emergency Financial Aid Grant Award Amounts

ARP grants were based on the recipient's enrollment level at the time of payment.  For non-degree students, a comparable level of enrollment based on the hours required for the program and the federal definition of a credit hour were determined.  ARP grant recipients with a 2021-2022 FAFSA reflecting a Pell-eligible income level at the time of payment and students graduating from an essential worker program during the semester received a bonus amount to support their completion.

Fall 2021 ARP Grants

$500 for less than half-time (5 or less credit hours)
$1,000 for half-time (6-8 credit hours)
$1,500 for 3/4 time (9-11 credit hours)
$2,000 for full-time (12 or more credit hours)
$500 bonus for Pell income level students and essential worker program graduates

Spring 2022 ARP Grants

Ranged from $100 to $500 with a $185 bonus for Pell level students and essential worker program graduates

Disbursement of this financial assistance occurred after course participation was verified.  For more information about Jefferson College's Student Portion of the American Rescue Plan, contact the Financial Aid Office at 636-481-3212 or

Professional Judgment

Also, if your family's financial situation has been significantly or permanently altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the prior-prior year income you had to report on your 2021-2022 FAFSA is no longer accurate, you may wish to pursue a Professional Judgment.  In some instances, Jefferson College's Financial Aid Office may be able to use projected or actual income rather than previous income information on your FAFSA.  To do so, you must be a Title IV eligible degree or certificate-seeking student.  You will be required to submit all relevant documentation, such as 2021 income taxes and employment and/or marital status forms.  Please note that for A+ students who become Pell eligible through the Professional Judgment process, A+ Scholarship rules require that Pell be applied in place of A+.  Professional Judgments are considered on a case-by-case basis.

HEERF Quarterly Reports
October 25, 2020 Quarter ending 09/30/2020
January 5, 2021 Quarter ending 12/31/2020
April 6, 2021 Quarter ending 03/31/2021
June 30, 2021 Quarter ending 06/30/2021
September 30, 2021 Quarter ending 09/30/2021
September 30, 2021 00246800_HEERF_Q32021_101321
December 31, 2021 00246800_HEERF_Q42021_122221
March 31, 2022 00246800_HEERF_Q12022_040422
June 30, 2022 00246800_HEERF_Q22022_070522
September 30, 2022 00246800_HEERF_Q32022_100622
December 31, 2022 00246800_HEERF_Q42022_010623
March 31, 2023 00246800_HEERF_Q12023_040523
June 30, 2023 00246800_HEERF_Q22023_070623
September 30, 2023 00246800_HEERF_Q32023_081723

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