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CTL Events

Events in the Center for Teaching and Learning stimulate campus-wide conversations about teaching, learning, and assessment. Faculty members share ideas and best practices in a collegial environment. They explore research on pedagogical issues and innovations in higher education. CTL events include face-to-face workshops, "Lunch and Learn," and program meetings.

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Bruce Korbesmeyer describes Multi-Section Assessment

Bruce Korbesmeyer describes Multi-Section Assessment

Upcoming CTL Sessions, Hillsboro Campus: ALL CTL SESSIONS Google Meet 12-1 P.M. (unless otherwise noted)

All CTL Events at Hillsboro Campus are held in the CTL Suite located on the 2nd floor of the library in room 209 unless otherwise noted. Walk-ins are always welcome for all CTL Events.

RSVP to Cindy Rossi ( to ensure you have a spot. Attendees may join via Google Meet for all CTL sessions.


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  • 1/23, Cindy Rossi, AI Resources, trends and concerns
    • 10 Best Practices for AI assignments in Higher Education ACUE
    • ACUE's AI Series Empowering Educators, Propelling Student Success: Transform Your Course Experience by Mastering AI
    • Canvas AI Integration (                                                                            


  • 3/8, Brandon Whittington, Myth "Bad Test Takers", View Recording            


  • 4/3, Learn How to Study using Spaced Practices RECORDING
  • 4/10, Susan Todd, AI Chat GPT 4.0 RECORDING
  • 4/12, Joe Thurman, Best Teaching Practices RECORDING
  • 4/19, Dan Lauder, Teaching Technology
  • 4/25 ACUE webinar register Faculty Put Your Own Mask on First Click here to register
  • 4/26, Holli Gillam, Student related concerns and discussions, i.e. behavior and maxent reports


  • 5/3, Lora Warner, Teaching Soft Skills     
  • Fall 2024, Rachel Dacus Teaching Students to Study 
  • Fall 2024, Lisa Pavia-Higel, Engaged Teaching
  • Fall 2024, Tasha Welsh, College Policies

Inclusive TEACHING PRESENTATION by Leslie Buck

Previous CTL Sessions, Fall 2023


  • 8/14, Cindy Rossi, AI Artificial Intelligence 
    • Susan Todd will discuss what we should do with and about artificial intelligence content creators like Chat GPT. We will discuss software for creating and detecting, potential policies, and assignment modifications.
  • 8/17, Cindy Rossi, (ACUE) Association of College and University Education Professional Development. Promoting Active Learning Online ACUE


  • 9/15, Cindy Rossi, Universal Instructional Design. View the Power Point or Recording.
  • 9/8, Rachel Dacus, "Study Groups - How to run them when our tank is on empty." Running an effective study group that is mostly student led. Study groups are amazing, but often, faculty are too busy to plan and execute. Rachel holds study groups every Thursday in the fall and mandatory student tutoring in spring that has gone over so well, they now consider themselves a study group. View the Power Point Presentation.


  • 10/10, Canvas Design: Faculty Speed Sharing
  • 10/27, Dan Lauder shows us the Canvas Shell he is working on for Tenure and Promotion documentation. View Recording

Brandon Whittington's Learning Style Myths, View Recording 4-2023

Google Pursuit Sessions

  • Google Pursuit - Drive - PowerPoint file - This is the foundation session of the Google Pursuit series where everyone is introduced to the Google Drive. You'll learn how to share your files and how to use the versioning feature. Uploading content and assignments from the Drive into Canvas are covered for faculty, and security is touched on, too. 
  • Google Pursuit - Calendar - PowerPoint file - Google Calendar can be synced to your phone or tablet, and you can subscribe to calendars, link it to your email, and set reminders. You might choose to use it to allow students to schedule their own appointments or to find a time for a meeting with colleagues. 
  • Google Pursuit - Docs - PowerPoint file - The third Google Pursuit session pursues an in-depth exploration of Google Docs. Add-ons are discussed a bit, and some special features like Voice Typing, Explore, file format conversion, and hyperlinking are explored.
  • Google Pursuit - Slides - Google Slides file - This session covers Google's version of PowerPoint. Topics covered include converting a PPT file to Google Slides format, collaborating together on a Slides document, embedding a slideshow into a Canvas course or webpage, and using transitions and animations to liven up the slideshow.

Click here to access a list of Previous CTL sessions fall 2018 - spring 2022

Click here to access CTL sessions fall 2022 - spring 2023

Many of the listings contain links to slideshows, recordings, and handouts presented during the session.

New Faculty Mentoring

New faculty are assigned a mentor to assist and support them as they join the community of Jefferson College educators. The primary goals are improving teaching and learning and improving the quality of professional relationships. These mentors provide monthly workshops on best practices used in teaching and assessment of expected learning outcomes, they offer periodic evaluation of classroom performance, and they provide teaching demonstration opportunities.

Faculty Development Mentoring

Faculty are provided opportunities to increase their teaching effectiveness in traditional and online environments through courses offered several times per year. Applied pedagogy and hands-on activities ensure Jefferson College instructors have a strong foundation in the most effective teaching practices. In addition, stipends are awarded for successful completion of each course. Faculty interested in taking one of these courses should complete the Request for Enrollment in a Professional Development Course.

  • JC101: Orientation to Teaching
    JC101 is a fully online orientation session that covers College policies, procedures and available resources. Faculty converse with their colleagues as they work through the course material at their own pace over three weeks. They receive extensive support from the Division of Online Learning throughout the course as they develop skills be as successful as possible from their first semester at the College. 

  • Faculty Certification Course for Online and Hybrid Teaching
    Online courses require teaching techniques that can differ greatly from traditional classroom instruction. Prior to teaching online or hybrid courses, faculty must complete this course. The program equips full-time and adjunct faculty with the basic skills necessary to create a successful online learning environment for students.
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