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CTL Events

Events in the Center for Teaching and Learning stimulate campus-wide conversations about teaching, learning, and assessment. Faculty members share ideas and best practices in a collegial environment. They explore research on pedagogical issues and innovations in higher education. CTL events include face-to-face workshops, "Lunch and Learn," and program meetings.

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Bruce Korbesmeyer describes Multi-Section Assessment Active Learning Classroom

College Teaching 101 with Ken Boning

Bruce Korbesmeyer describes Multi-Section Assessment

Faculty Sharing Best Practices in
the Active Learning Classroom

College Teaching 101
with Ken Boning

Upcoming CTL Sessions, Hillsboro Campus: ALL CTL SESSIONS Google Meet 12-1 P.M. (unless otherwise noted)

All CTL Events at Hillsboro Campus are held in the CTL Suite located on the 2nd floor of the library in room 209 unless otherwise noted. Walk-ins are always welcome for all CTL Events.

RSVP to Cindy Rossi ( to ensure you have a spot. Attendees may join via Google Meet for all CTL sessions.


CTL Calendar for Google Meet link

CTL Topics and Schedule for Spring 2023

Please email Cindy Rossi with any requests at

Spring 2023

  • 1-27-23 FRIDAY 1-27-23 CTL library 209 Lisa Prichard. Since Executive Order 13642, issued in 2013, required federal agencies to make research more open, access to federally funded research data, tools, and publications has increased dramatically. Join Director of Library Services Lisa Pritchard as she shares an overview of the open research landscape and where it might be leading, new tools from government agencies, and tips and tricks for finding government information. Resources may be useful to those interested in demographics, social sciences, business, government information, education, communication, economics, and science.

  • 2-10-23 FRIDAY 12-1 p.m. CTL LIB 209 Best Teaching Practices Lindsay Steighorst
  • 2-17-23 FRIDAY 12-1 p.m. CTL LIB 209 Statistics for dummies Brandon Whittington  GOOGLE MEET ONLY
  • 2-24-23 library 209 12-1 pm Faculty support for OER library
  • 3-3-23 FRIDAY CTL LIB 209 12-1 p.m. Prerequisite course design versus open course design. Dan Lauder Which types of of course design encourages more student engagement engagement (based on a research paper complete by Dan Lauder)
  • 3-31-23 FRIDAY CTL LIB 209 12-1 p.m. What type of interaction do introvert students prefer Do introvert students prefer email, videos, or face-to-face instruction (based on a research paper complete by Dan Lauder)
  • 3-7 and 4-4 TUESDAY 2 p.m. (location TBD based on RSVPs) Inclusive teaching Reading Circle Leslie Buck RSVP book request to
    • Designing Your Course and Syllabus with an Inclusive Mind-set (Chapter 3) and Launching Your Course (Chapter 4) with Inclusive Teaching as a Mind-set (Chapter 1) and Reflecting an Documenting Your Inclusive Practices (Chapter 7) a part of each session
    • The Value of Structure (Chapter 2), Classroom Environment and Interactions (Chapter 5), and Inclusive Practices Outside the Classroom with Inclusive Teaching as a Mind-set (Chapter 1) and Reflecting an Documenting Your Inclusive Practices (Chapter 7) a part of each session (might also be of interest to administration and student support services)

Arnold Campus

TBD-Adjunct Faculty

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Many of the listings contain links to slideshows, recordings, and handouts presented during the session.

New Faculty Mentoring

New faculty are assigned a mentor to assist and support them as they join the community of Jefferson College educators. The primary goals are improving teaching and learning and improving the quality of professional relationships. These mentors provide monthly workshops on best practices used in teaching and assessment of expected learning outcomes, they offer periodic evaluation of classroom performance, and they provide teaching demonstration opportunities.

Faculty Development Mentoring

Faculty are provided opportunities to increase their teaching effectiveness in traditional and online environments through courses offered several times per year. Applied pedagogy and hands-on activities ensure Jefferson College instructors have a strong foundation in the most effective teaching practices. In addition, stipends are awarded for successful completion of each course. Faculty interested in taking one of these courses should complete the Request for Enrollment in a Professional Development Course.

  • JC101: Orientation to Teaching
    JC101 is a fully online orientation session that covers College policies, procedures and available resources. Faculty converse with their colleagues as they work through the course material at their own pace over three weeks. They receive extensive support from the Division of Online Learning throughout the course as they develop skills be as successful as possible from their first semester at the College. 

  • Faculty Certification Course for Online and Hybrid Teaching
    Online courses require teaching techniques that can differ greatly from traditional classroom instruction. Prior to teaching online or hybrid courses, faculty must complete this course. The program equips full-time and adjunct faculty with the basic skills necessary to create a successful online learning environment for students.
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