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Assessing Learning at Jefferson College

All policies, procedures, practices, and instruments used to assess the courses, programs, and institutional services at Jefferson College have been documented in a single location in order to make access to them as easy as possible. This Assessment Handbook is available to assist in planning, implementing, revising, and reporting assessment activities at the College. The Assessment Calendar is also a helpful tool.

Additional helpful information can be found below, and the sidebar offers assistance with assessments used in the classroom. 

Institutional Assessment

Programs are reviewed every 5 years, as indicated in the Institutional Assessment Plan. The Institutional Assessment Process reviews at the program level. Completed reviews are accessible via the College Reports tab in MyJeffco.

General Education Assessment Plan

To determine how well students are gaining skills in the eight General Education Academic Skills Competencies, an annual assessment of representative student work takes place. The rubrics used for this plan are commonly used by other institutions of higher learning across the country. Faculty are encouraged to check which rubrics are aligned to their courses by reviewing the Institutional Course Guide and using the rubrics to help them craft engaging assignments.

More information can be found within the General Education Assessment Plan



Rubrics used

Cycle 1 

Civic Engagement

Ethical & Social Responsibility 

Understanding & Engaging Diverse Perspectives

Civic Engagement rubric

Ethical Reasoning rubric or Teamwork rubric

Intercultural Knowledge rubric or Global Learning rubric

Cycle 2

Information Literacy

Technology Literacy

Information Literacy rubric

Technology Literacy rubric

Cycle 3 Communication  Written Communication rubric or Oral Communication rubric
Cycle 4

Creativity & Innovation

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking rubric

Critical Thinking rubric or Inquiry and Analysis rubric or Problem Solving rubric or Quantitative Literacy rubric


Faculty who wish for assistance in developing quality assignments that align with these competencies and rubrics can contact Cindy Rossi for assistance. Assessment Newsletter Archive

Multi-Section Assessment Efforts

Faculty at Jefferson College are starting to formally assess courses that have multiple sections taught by multiple instructors. They are taking a look at the extent to which students across all sections of a course are achieving expected learning outcomes, and then using the information to improve the course so that student learning increases. 

Assessing Learning with Student Response Systems 

Jefferson College uses Poll Everywhere as its preferred student response ("clicker") system. It can be integrated into PowerPoint presentations to enable realtime viewing of results.


Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) are exercises used to help you assess student understanding. Most are quick and easy, and provide information that can be used to determine which areas students need help on and which teaching methods are most effective. These techniques are most effective when used frequently.

Here are links to some CATs you might consider using:

What are Classroom Assessment techniques, and why should I use them?

Using Classroom Assessment Techniques

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