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Sociology is the science of society. It explains how groups of people, institutions, and social movements shape our lives. A major in sociology will explore such topics as gender roles, marriage and family, social problems, criminology, international developments and social change. Career options include law, social welfare, business, and education.

Sociology Institutional Course Guides
The following links are for Institutional Course Guides, which detail expected learning outcomes, outlines of topics, and methods of instruction and evaluation.

SOC101    General Sociology
SOC101H  Honors General Sociology
SOC115    Cultural Anthropology
SOC125    Human Diversity
SOC210    Alcohol, Drugs, and Society
SOC240    Marriage & Family
SOC250    Social Problems

Sociology Academic Plan
The Academic Plan is a semester-by-semester plan for the full-time college-ready student. Part-time students should work with an advisor to customize the map to fit individual needs.

Meet the Sociology Faculty


2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Open House - 5600 - APR 2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Showcase - 5600 - APR