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What is psychology?

Psychology uses scientific methods to attempt to understand, predict, and control behavior. The Jefferson College Associate of Arts (A.A.) transfer degree with emphasis in psychology offers a broad background in many areas of human behavior and animal behavior to prepare students for either entry level positions upon graduation or transfer to a four-year university psychology program with 2 years of study already completed.

Why study psychology at Jefferson College?

  • Provides a broad-based education in the discipline for a variety of academic and career paths:
    • Psychology is a broad scientific discipline with applications to all aspects of human behavior.   Psychologists conduct research and develop theories that are applied in a plethora of settings including clinics, hospitals, schools, and businesses.
    • The Psychology curriculum at Jefferson College reflects the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines for the discipline and is aligned with psychology courses across the state of Missouri.
    • The curriculum provides a solid foundation for transfer for bachelor’s degrees or employment in a variety of fields.
  • Engaged faculty committed to helping students achieve their goals:
    • The department offers a wide selection of courses with small class sizes taught by faculty with diverse areas of expertise.
    • Psychology Department Faculty advisors with flexible scheduling prepared to discuss YOUR future.
    • Opportunities for Psychology Club involvement; with potential for attendance at state and national conferences, and participation in psychological research.
  • Curriculum designed to prepare students for success in transfer and continued education as well as the workplace:
    • Courses are geared toward preparation for a variety of fields of academic study and careers. Graduates will be equipped with foundational skills needed to succeed in an undergraduate psychology program. Students are encouraged to become involved in psychological research and community opportunities that are available.
    • In addition, the variety of courses offered provides students with a broad perspective on human behavior and thought that may be applied across multiple workplace settings.
    • Many of our graduates go on to complete bachelor’s degree and more advance education.  They work in positions in a variety of fields beyond psychology including business, counseling, social work, and healthcare.  
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