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Geography at Jefferson College

Geography is the study of our world's physical and cultural surroundings. In today's global economy, knowledge of other countries and peoples is essential. Through the study of geography, you are prepared for careers in business, local, and national government, cartography, environmental studies, travel and tourism, and education.

Course Syllabi

The following links are for Official Course Syllabi, which detail expected learning outcomes, outlines of topics, and methods of instruction and evaluation.

GEO103   World Regional Geography
GEO120   Seminar in Global Studies

Transfer Information:

When you plan on transferring, always double check the Geography offerings at your chosen institution. Many programs are Physical Geography preponderant like Washington University — Earth and Physical Sciences, Geology, Meteorology, Environmental Studies or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using GPS.

University of Missouri - Geography Department

Washington University - Physical Geography

Clark University: Clark's undergraduate program in Geography is consistently ranked as the best in the country. 

Careers in Geography:

Department of Labor Occupational Handbook
Discover the job outlook for Geography graduates! You will also find a list of jobs that require Geography and also complementary majors and fields to Geography. Geography is one of the most interdisciplinary fields of study.

Meet the Faculty

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