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What is WorkKeys? 

WorkKeys is a national system for documenting, assessing, and improving workplace skills. Developed by ACT, WorkKeys is designed to benefit individuals, businesses, and educators to improve the overall quality of America's workforce. WorkKeys is being used by employers nationwide to identify the skills employees need to be successful on the job and to determine where additional training will help build a higher-performing workforce.

WorkKeys for Employers

WorkKeys is the gold standard in skills testing. Thousands of companies worldwide use WorkKeys. WorkKeys uses the same scale to score tests and measure job skills, so you can make quick comparisons between a person's skill levels and job requirements. Benefits of a certified workforce include a reduction in turnover, increasing productivity, and decreasing waste. Save time in finding, hiring, and developing quality talent. 

WorkKeys for Job Seekers 

For individuals looking for a job, Workkeys helps by measuring your abilities in applied math, graphic literacy, and workplace documents. Those completing the exams with a score of three or better may earn one of four levels of the National Career Readiness Certificate that can show prospective employers your skillset. Certificates may be added to a resume and discussed during the interview process. Many jobs have been profiled to determine what certificate levels are required for success. 

WorkKeys and Jefferson College

The state of Missouri recognizes the WorkKeys National Career Readiness Credential (NCRC) as a key element in promoting workforce development for individuals and businesses in our region. We are proud to announce that due to the combined efforts of Jefferson College, and many of our county businesses, Jefferson County has been officially certified by the State of Missouri as a Work-Ready Community. Jefferson College has maintained its Work Ready Community status through four levels of maintaining! 

Jefferson College was one of the first educational institutions in the state of Missouri to require WorkKeys testing as an exit exam for all career and technical education graduates. Jefferson College is one of only a select number of educational institutions in the Midwest that utilize WorkKeys to ensure that our graduates meet the workplace skills set by business and industry.

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For more information about WorkKeys contact: 
Lora Warner
Director of Workforce and Employment Services
(636) 481-3223

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