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Veterans Memorial

The Jefferson County Veterans Memorial, peacefully overlooking the Jefferson College Hillsboro campus, was constructed in 1997 to honor Jefferson County residents who died while on active duty in military service during war or armed conflict outside the continental United States.

Constructed of four polished slabs of Missouri red granite, the unique design contains the inscribed names of nearly 200 fallen veterans who served in World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

The four monuments encircle the United States flag, flanked by two smaller poles displaying the Missouri state flag and POW flag. Each of the flags fly continuously. Surrounding the red granite is a plaza of gray granite markers and stone benches.

Each year numerous residents and family members visit the Jefferson County Veterans Memorial to quietly reflect on the sacrifices made by local military heroes. Public memorial services are sometimes held at the site on such holidays as Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

World War I
Becker, Charles F.
Becker, John A.
Boyce, Samuel H.
Engelbach, Clarence
Fasano, Don A.
Gourley, Charley O.
Grueter, John H.
Hart, Robert
Hassett, John S.
Hunicke, Gustav
Jeude, John A.
Mooney, Grover C.
Murphy, Jasper C.
O'Farrell, John A.
Paul, Fritz R.
Peebles, Charles E.
Rhineberger, Robert U.
Richardson, Harold A.
Robertson, Roscoe C.
Vaughn, Samuel R.
Viehland, Hugo F.
Wideman, Alfred C.
Woodford, William O.

World War II:
Alexander, Robert L.
Alexander, Thomas H.
Allen, Delmar R.
Allen, Melvin R.
Austin, Clarence R.
Bahr, Walton B.
Barnes, Royal F.
Baughn, Norvel W.
Becker, Gustave J.
Biehle, Walter C.
Blatz, John B.
Brown, Orville
Browne, William A.
Cavanaugh, Carl
Chapman, Paul L.
Cole, Thomas L.
Crider, Jr., Barnett F.
Delbruegge, Leonard W.
Donnell, William S.
Dugan, Ralph W.
Duren, Frank E.
England, James R.
Evans, Hugh W.
Fallert, Franklin A.
Fallet, Thomas M.
Ferguson, LaVern L.
Franke, Bernhardt W.
Franklin, Robert L.
Garrett, Melvin C.
Gendron, Donald E.
Gibbs, Lawrence J.
Grieshaber, Russell J.
Gross, Elmo E.
Haberberger, Walter G.
Hair, James M.
Hamilton, Frank E.
Herrell, Melvin D.
Hoard, Donald W.
Hoard, Herbert J.
Hulsey, Robert E.
Humphrey, Earl W.
Jokerst, Leonard C.
Jones, George E.
King, Glen T.
Knauer, Herman E.
Kohlwes, James G.
Lancaster, Howard C.
Layman, Richard E.
Leftridge, Grover L.
Lindley, Lewis R.
Lovelace, Nelson E.
Magre, Joseph F.
Magre, Paul J.
Magre, Peter F.
Masters, Franklin R.
Medley, Clarence E.
Miller, Lawrence O.
Moss, Eugene E.
Murphy, Ralph J.
Nixon, Robert A.
Nussbaumer, William P.
Ogle, Edward R.
Pinson, Lester H.
Polson, Joseph E.
Ponzar, Alfred G.
Pounds, Robert S.
Pytel, John J.
Pytel, Ludwig L.
Rigdon, Gerald V.
Ritterbush, Martin R.
Roth, Robert L.
Schembre, Alfonso
Schembre, Joseph F.
Scull, Curtis P.
Shannon, Colon H.
Shelley, Lucian G.
Sheridan, James J.
Smith, Robert V.
Stacy, Robert M.
Vanden, James W.
Wagner, Howard W.
Warner III, Charles M.
Weber, Richard R.
Welch, Albert H.
Wells, Rupert A.
Whaley, Leonard L.
Wideman, Chester J.
Wilson, Lans W.
Wilson, Osbern W.

Korean War
Acinelli, Bill J.
Boughton, James H.
Cook, Charles A.
DeRousse, Robert F.
Dodson, Billy J.
Graff, Robert L.
Graff, Jr., Herman L.
Johnston, Harold M.
Joiner, Paul J.
Mann, Jr., Robert H.
Moss, Joseph D.
Spruell, Johnnie H.

Vietnam War:

Aly, Leslie M.
Backy, Thomas A.
Badger, Thomas A.
Bullerdick, Gary A.
Bush, Steven C.
Carter, Jerry R.
Clifton, Robert H.
Coleman, James F.
Coleman, Lonald R.
Cook, Jay A.
Copeland, Norman O.
Cortor, Jr., Francis E.
Crosby, Louis J.
Doebert, Phillip R.
Filkins, Ronald M.
Goetz, James G.
Hadley, Gary P.
Hall, George T.
Harris, James B.
Higgins, Hershel
Holder, Fredrick L.
Killebrew, Robert L.
Livingston, John J.
Livingston III, Leslie E.
Malin, Louis N.
Mason, Roman G.
Mertell, Jr., James R.
Morrison, Joseph W.
Parsons, Jr., Warren C.
Perryman, William J.
Pierce, Darrel G.
Ponder, John D.
Prather, Gary W.
Reece, Stacey D.

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