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Commencement Information

Commencement 2024

Click Here for Important Information for Graduates (Faculty and Certified Staff - Scroll down for information.)

RSVP for a Ceremony

Jefferson College will host two 2024 Commencement ceremonies in the Jefferson College Hillsboro Campus Field House. Candidates for Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 graduation are encouraged to participate in the ceremony of their choice.  Please RSVP for a ceremony by May 1st to ensure your name is in the commencement program. Any late RSVP may allow for Commencement participation; however, your name will not appear in the Commencement program. Guests are not limited in number and do not require tickets.

For assistance with accessibility accommodations for you or your guests, please contact the Accessibility Resources Office at (636) 481-3158.

Cap and Gown Information and Approved Apparel

The deadline to pre-order your cap and gown was March 15th. If you did pre-order your cap and gown by the March 15th deadline, your cap and gown is available for pick up April 15th – May 10th at the location you chose when ordering your cap and gown (Hillsboro Campus Bookstore or the Arnold location front counter). If you did not order your cap and gown, you will need pick up a cap & gown at the Hillsboro Bookstore ASAP as supplies are limited. There will be no charges for your cap and gown as it is covered by your graduation fee. Graduates should wear only approved graduation apparel. No other pins, buttons, stoles, cords, or any other ornamentation is allowed. See the graduation apparel webpage for a complete listing of approved apparel. 

Graduates are allowed to decorate their caps, however any decoration deemed inappropriate by college staff will require replacement with a plain cap on the day of Commencement. Once you receive your cap and gown, try them on to be sure your cap fits and your gown zips. It is strongly recommended you remove wrinkles by ironing on a low setting on the reverse side or steam lightly. Should you have any difficulties, please visit the Jefferson College Bookstore before the ceremony. You may contact them at (636) 481-3290 or  

Commencement Day - Live Stream and Photography

Both ceremonies will be live-streamed via the links below. Videos of the ceremonies will be posted the following week for future viewing.
Live Stream Links:

10 a.m. -
2 p.m. -

Grad Images professional photographers will take photos of graduates on and off the stage. Information regarding how to order photos will be available on the Commencement webpage after the ceremonies. You will also receive Grad Images order information in your commencement program.

Commencement Day – Parking

All graduates and guests will be directed to enter the campus via Mel Carnahan Drive by Viking Woods housing. Security will be directing traffic. You will be guided to park in the Red, Orange, Blue, then Green (if necessary) parking lots. A shuttle will be circulating parking lots to provide rides to the Field House. Limited accessible parking will be available in the Red parking lot for those vehicles with an accessible placard or who have made prior arrangements with Accessibility Resource Office staff (ARO).  Staff will be circulating the Red parking lot in golf carts to provide accessible assistance. Doors to the Field House will open one hour before each ceremony. For assistance with accessibility accommodations for you or your guests, please contact the Accessibility Resources Office (ARO) at (636) 481-3158.

Commencement Day – Line-Up and Processional Instructions

  • Field House doors will be open one hour prior to ceremony time. Graduates must be in line at least 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. Due to heavy traffic and parking, please allow for plenty of time to make your way to the Field House.
  • Graduates should leave your keys/personal items with your guests as there will be no secure area for these belongings.  Please silence all phones.
  • Graduates are to report to the lower-level multipurpose room and move through the hallways to line up in alphabetical order. Look for signs on the walls and communicate with other graduates in line to be sure you are lined up in alpha order. Graduates with the last names beginning with A-L (blue line) will follow the blue line and graduates with last names beginning with M-Z (red line) will follow the red line.  Staff in red vests will be in the hallways to assist you. 
  • Summa Cum Laude grads (4.0 GPA) will line up in front of the blue line (before the A’s) regardless of the last name and will sit in the front rows on the floor.
  • You will be handed an index card with your name on it.  It is important to hold onto this card!  You will take it with you when you approach the stage and hand it to the speaker who will be announcing your name.
  • Staff line workers will assist you and remind you of what is expected.  When the music begins, graduates will move single file onto the gym floor.  Please walk very slowly.
  • As graduates enter the gym floor, a person counting will be handing some graduates a slip of paper which states “Start a New Row”.  Graduates handed this slip of paper should show the staff member on the floor assisting with seating so they know to direct you to start a new row.
  • Remain standing during the processional and for the National Anthem.
  • When directed to approach the stage, stand and exit your row to your left. Remember to take your name card with you. Line up and approach the stairs to the stage.  Wait on top stair until your name is   You will be handed a diploma cover, a photographer will take your picture and you will continue across the stage and exit on the opposite side.  Another photo will be taken.  You will then be directed by staff in red vests to your row to be seated. Staff will be directing you through this process.
  • Do not leave any personal items on your seat as you may not return to your same seat.
  • Summa Cum Laude grads (4.0 GPA) sitting in the front rows will be announced last.

Commencement Day – Recessional Instructions

When all graduates have received their diploma cover and the ceremony closes, staff will release one row at a time into the front lobby or outside on the patio.  Please continue to exit out the doors to keep the line moving. Proceed to meet your guests in the lobby and out in front of the Field House.

 After Commencement Information for Graduates

  • Refer to the Commencement program on ordering photos from Grad Images.
  • Certificates and degrees will be posted and diplomas will be mailed out approximately at the end of June for spring graduates and by the end of August for summer graduates. If you are interested in picking up your diploma rather than receiving via mail, please contact Lynda Ferguson at (636) 481-3205 or
  • Be sure to pay all outstanding balances to the college. For questions, you may contact the Cashier at (636) 481-3123.
  • Transcripts: You may order a transcript at any time via the Jefferson College website by searching “transcripts”. Important: if it is necessary, choose to “wait until degree is posted” so transcripts are not sent out prior to your degree posting.

Commencement Day – Accessibility

The Graduate RSVP will contain questions regarding graduate and guest accessibility needs. You may also contact the Accessibility Resources Office at (636) 481-3158 or email 

Commencement 2024 Accessibility Information


If you have questions, please contact Enrollment Services at (636) 481-3205.

Click Here for Important Information for Faculty and Certified Professional Staff 

This information is directed to full-time Faculty and Certified Professional Staff Participating/Walking in the 2024 Commencement Ceremonies. Please review these instruction and do not hesitate to reach out to Stacey Wilson, Registrar/Commencement Coordinator, should you have any questions. or (636) 481-3207. This information was also sent to you via email and JeffCo Announcements on 4/15.

Two Ceremonies

Full-time Faculty and Certified Professional should have already registered to participate in one of the two ceremonies unless excused by Dr. McCaffrey. Ceremonies will be held Saturday, May 18th 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. in the Jefferson College Hillsboro Campus Field House. If you have not RSVP'd, RSVP NOW to participate commencement ceremonies. To RSVP, complete this RSVP form: Full-time Faculty and Certified Professional Ceremony RSVP


Bring your regalia with you. If you do not have regalia, the deadline to order was April 1st. If you are still in need of regalia, please reach out to Trevor Haus, Bookstore Manager at (636) 481-3290 or  While it is too late to order and receive appropriate hoods, the Bookstore may be able to supply you with a black cap and gown.


All traffic will be directed through the Viking Woods entrance, Mel Carnahan Drive, to the Orange, Red, Blue then Green parking lots. Due to heavy traffic, plan accordingly to allow for plenty of time. Please do not bring bags/purses into the Field House as there is no secure area for storage. Please bring with you only items you can carry in a pocket. Security will be directing traffic in the parking lots. A shuttle will be circulating parking lots to provide rides to the Field House. Limited accessible parking will be available in the Red parking lot for those vehicles with an accessible placard or who have made prior arrangements with Accessibility Resource Office staff (ARO).  For assistance with accessibility accommodations for you or your guests, please contact the Accessibility Resources Office at (636) 481-3158.

Arrival/Check In

All full-time Faculty and Certified Professional staff participating in the ceremony (walking in the processional) should report to the Multipurpose Room in the lower level of the Field House for check in and line-up. Faculty/Certified Professional staff should be in line 30 minutes prior to your assigned ceremony.  Staff will be present to check you in and line you up.


After reporting to the check-in station in the Multipurpose Room in the lower level of the Field House, you are welcome to relax until line-up. You will not be lining up in alpha-order. You may line-up/sit next to whomever you wish. All Faculty and Certified Professional staff will line up at the beginning of the BLUE after Administration and the Board members. Administration/Board members and Faculty Marshals will lead the processional.

The first half of the group will be counted off and instructed to sit on the EAST side (when facing the stage, this will be on the left). The second half will be instructed to begin sitting on the WEST side (when facing the stage it will be on the right). Faculty and Certified Professional staff will be seated in rows of four on each side of the graduates (see diagram below). This is a simple process and a faculty marshal or a worker in a red vest will assist you on the floor. Please keep a very slow pace as entering the gym floor. Remain standing once you get to your seat. Graduates will sit in the center of the floor in rows of ten. 

When the ceremony is over, Faculty/Certified Professional Staff will be released one row at a time. The west side will exit out into the lobby. The east side will exit straight out the patio doors in the back of the gym. Staff will be guiding you. Please continue to move forward so the recessional lines keep moving. You are free to leave at this point.

Other Information

The Early Childhood Center has agreed to provide free childcare for Commencement workers/participants. If you are interested in using this service, please contact Stephanie Cage at or ext. 3298 by Friday, May 10th.

All rented caps and gowns should be turned in to the Bookstore by Thursday, May 21st.
Final Grades are due by noon on Tuesday, May 21st.

Please contact Stacey Wilson, Registrar/Commencement Coordinator, with questions- or (636) 481-3207. Thank you and have a great summer!

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