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Black Student Union

Black Student Union is designed to heighten the cultural, educational, and civic consciousness of African American students at Jefferson College.  The goal of BSU is to strengthen awareness by sponsoring cultural events, attending self-awareness workshops, and encouraging student leadership with the community.  The group strives to develop unity among members so that with effectiveness, coordination, and solidarity they can express concerns on campus.

Membership is open to all Jefferson College students.  Attendance requirements are in place to allow for committed students to take a more proactive role.

For more information, please contact one of the club advisors below:

  • Maryanne Angliongto at or 636-481-3318
  • CB Walker at or 636-481-3382 

2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Open House - 5600 - APR 2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Showcase - 5600 - APR