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Academic Success Center (ASC)

Though the campus may be inaccessible at this time, the Academic Success Center is still committed to helping all of our students be successful in their courses. Visit ASC-Online to learn about Google Meet and Live Chat options.

Need help with your classes? Having trouble with a research paper?  Just not "getting" calculus?  A&P got you down? 

Jefferson College offers its students many academic resources at no cost.

We have free drop-in face-to-face tutoring at the Academic Success Centers in Hillsboro and Arnold.  Highly qualified individuals (most of them are instructors at the college) can help you with topics like Writing, Math, Information Technology, Science, and Psychology.  Click on the links above (ASC Hillsboro and ASC Arnold) to see the tutoring schedules.

We also offer free online tutoring and peer tutoringFor more information, please contact Richard Stephenson at (636) 481-3439 or via email at