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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

View the SAP Brochure, which describes the minimum standards of academic progress required to maintain financial aid eligibility at Jefferson College.

SAP Brochure
To request an exception to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy for Federal Financial Aid programs, please submit a Financial Aid Appeal Form.

Financial Aid Appeal Form

If you have been academically suspended from Jefferson College you will receive a separate notice from the Vice President of Student Services telling you so. You must then complete BOTH the Academic Appeal and Financial Aid Appeal processes.

Federal Repeat Coursework Policy

In order to receive federal financial aid funds for a repeat course, a previously passed course may be repeated only ONE time and the student may receive Title IV federal funds for a repeated course only one time. Subsequent repeats will not be counted in the student's enrollment level for Title IV funds.

A course is considered passed if the student receives a grade of D or better. If the student does not receive a passing grade, there is no limit on the number of attempts. A student may repeat a failed or withdrawn course until it is passed. However, a student who earns a passing grade in a course and chooses to retake the course a second time, earning a grade of "F", may not take the course a third time. On the contrary, a student who earns a passing grade in a course and chooses to retake the course a second time earning a grade of "W" may retake the course a third time. 

All repeat courses affect financial aid satisfactory academic progress calculations. A repeated course along with the original attempt will be counted as attempted credits.

Financial Aid for Required Classes ONLY

The U.S. Department of Education, Missouri A+ Program, and Jefferson College Scholarship Program will not permit the school to count in a student’s financial aid enrollment level a course that does not count toward the student's declared degree plan and program completion requirements at that school.  This includes transfer classes and exploratory classes.  

Already Have a Degree

If you previously graduated with a degree from Jefferson College, you are suspended from receiving additional financial aid at Jefferson College due to no longer being degree-seeking.  If you wish to return for a different degree and continue in the financial aid program, please submit a Financial Aid Appeal Form. Previous academic progress and hours remaining for the next degree being pursued will be considered by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.

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