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Mission, Vision, Values


Jefferson College serves our community by delivering quality learning opportunities that empower individuals to achieve their goals.


Jefferson College strives to inspire our community to explore, develop, and engage in innovative learning experiences in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Jefferson College fosters a culture of excellence for its community of students, faculty, and staff by embracing the following values:

  • Success
    Supporting a focus on achievement, self-discovery, scholarship, creativity, completion, and skill mastery;

  • Accessibility
    Fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion where a culture of collaboration responds to the needs of our communities through quality and affordable educational opportunities;

  • Integrity
    Encouraging open, honest, and respectful communication; committing to accountability in all interactions, operations, and procedures;

  • Learning
    Establishing a high quality learning environment that features collaborative and innovative engagement, academic freedom, professional development, and continuous assessment for improvement; and

  • Service
    Infusing a spirit of civic engagement through community volunteer initiatives, cultural enrichment, and service-learning opportunities.

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View the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

The plan contains four strategic priorities that serve as a framework to enable Jefferson College administration,
faculty, and staff to live out the mission of the College and move toward achievement of the vision by 2025.

Strategic Priority 1 - Student Success

Strategic Priority 2 - Instructional Excellence

Strategic Priority 3 - Operational Excellence

Strategic Priority 4 -  Community Engagement

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