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Charting Your Course

Follow the following steps to stay on track during your first year as a Viking!

1. First Steps - Senior year/once you’ve decided to return to school

  1. Whenever you’re ready, step #1 is to apply for admission. Watch the video to learn more Jefferson College Admissions Q & A: How To Apply
  2. Attend a Pre-Admission Student Session to learn about program options, scholarships, paying for college, and next steps! 
  3. Complete the FAFSA for the upcoming year as soon as you can after October 1st. View the Jefferson College Admissions Q & A: Completing the FAFSA.
  4. Visit campus! 
  5. Send official transcripts from high school (after winter break) and any college coursework.

2. Registration - March if beginning in fall, October if beginning in spring

  1. Log into your MyJeffco account. For helpful tips, watch Jefferson College Admissions Q & A: Activating MyJeffco
  2. Consult Enrollment Services to determine if you need to take a placement test.
  3. If a placement test is needed, prepare in the Academic Success Center and/or online, then complete placement testing at Testing Center.
  4. Make an appointment with an Enrollment Services Specialist through the "Advisor Scheduling" button on the Student tab of your MyJeffco account or by calling Enrollment Services at 636-481-3209.
  5. Register for courses!
  6. Sign the “Student Consent for Release of Information” form to allow a parent, guardian, spouse, etc, access to financial or academic records.
  7. Sign up for Viking Text for text updates regarding registration, campus closures, emergencies, or class cancellations. 

3. Student Orientation Seminar

  1. If you register for a face-to-face session, be sure to attend! If you register for an online session, be sure to log in to view the presentations and practice with Canvas, our online learning management system. 
  2. If you attend a face-to-face session, bring a copy of your schedule to see where your classes are located.
  3. While on campus, work on the “Before Classes Begin” checklist.

4. Before Classes Begin

  1. Get your student ID made at Enrollment Services at either Hillsboro or Arnold. (You will need your class schedule and state issued ID.) 
  2. Pick up your parking pass at the Enrollment Services counter on the Hillsboro or Arnold campus. A $10 charge for the parking pass will be added to your student account. Financial aid can be used to pay for the parking pass.
  3. Take a copy of your schedule to the Bookstore at Hillsboro or Arnold to purchase textbooks and necessary supplies. If you are using financial aid at the Bookstore, make sure you bring your student ID.
  4. Send your final high school transcript to the College, if you haven’t already. If you are using A+, make sure it has your A+ seal.
  5. Visit Student Financial Services or meet with an Enrollment Services Specialist if you have questions or need help with final financial aid steps, such as FAFSA verification, student loan paperwork, the A+ contract, or a payment plan.

5. First Week of Classes

  1. Make sure you attend all class sessions and be on time!
  2. Review syllabuses for each of your courses to learn instructor preferences for communication, expectations and deadlines for the course, and other important information.
  3. Explore campus resources like the Academic Success Center and the Library.
  4. Explore options for getting involved on campus.

6. Before Midterms

  1. Get to know your instructors.
  2. Request a tutor through the Academic Success Center for any classes you may be struggling with or anticipate needing additional help with.
  3. Join any clubs or organizations you are interested in.
  4. Attend campus events. They are a great way to connect with students and the campus community, and many offer free food and/or prizes!
  5. Check out a Vikings game or a Performing Arts & Cultural Enrichment (PACE) event.

7. After Midterms

  1. Contact your advisor to register for next semester’s classes.
  2. Prepare for finals with study groups.
  3. Take finals.

8. Second Semester

  1. Register for next year.
  2. Follow steps 5-7 to have a successful second semester! 
  3. Ask your instructors, your advisor, or Student Financial Services if you have questions about anything or if you need help with something. That’s what we’re here for!
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