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Manufacturing Programs

Industrial Maintenance Program 

The Industrial Maintenance apprenticeship program is a 18 week program that meets in the evenings. Student will be eligible to test for an MSSC certificate in both Maintenance Awareness and Safety. This course will teach students the skills needed for entry level work as an Industrial Maintenance Technician.

  • Central role of safety in Maintenance 
  • Electrical safety, components 
  • Understanding of standard operating procedures and how they direct work
  • Understanding preventative maintenance, the tools and equipment needed to follow a maintenance schedule 
  • Troubleshooting skills to address breakdown and techniques for repair 
  • Understanding motors and types of energy

Industrial Maintenance Application for Admission


If you have any questions, please contact or (636) 481-3144.

2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Open House - 5600 - APR 2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Showcase - 5600 - APR