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Student Organizations

Student Organizations

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Important Documents

Important Documents

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The decision to being the 2020-2021 school year is centered on our never-ending commitments to quality education and the safety of our students and employees. As we prepare to fully reopen and welcome students for this upcoming year, we have developed the following guidelines in consideration of local, state, and national recommendations. We appreciate your assistance in promoting a safe, positive and healthy learning environment. 

View the Fall 2020 ATS Reopening Guidelines

ATS Virtual Welcome Night for Incoming Students

Thursday, August 20, 2020, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Join us live on Google Meet via the following link ...

Following a short introduction from the ATS Director, Mr. Darrell Kyle, each ATS program will break off into its own virtual Google Meet session. All program sessions are listed and linked below along with corresponding program faculty names.

ATS Applied Communications Virtual Welcome Night Information (Ms. Ross)

ATS Applied Communications Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Ms. Nitsch)
To join by phone (US) +1 669-244-0093‬ PIN: ‪349 978 412‬# 

ATS Applied Mathematics Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Denney)
To join by phone (‪US‬) +1 779-901-0265‬ PIN: ‪235 017 318#‬

ATS Automotive Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Uhls)
To join by phone (US) +1 803-567-5757‬ PIN: ‪287 321 922‬#

ATS BioMedical Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Bunch & Ms. Macke) 
To join by phone ‪(US) +1 650-449-9816‬ PIN: ‪157 964 845‬#

ATS Building Repair Technology Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Cook)
To join by phone (US) +1 574-313-1103‬ PIN: ‪885 860 098‬#

ATS Carpentry (Residential) Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Griggs)
To join by phone (US) +1 314-666-2942‬ PIN: ‪754 097 656‬#

ATS Carpentry (Advanced) Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Nitsch)
To join by phone (US) +1 301-857-3172‬ PIN: ‪727 637 759‬#

ATS Culinary Arts Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Chef Miller) 
To join by phone ‪(US) +1 929-256-2552‬ PIN: ‪486 783 127‬#

ATS Digital Media Technology Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Simos)
To join by phone ‪(US) +1 408-899-8648‬ PIN: ‪248 299 184‬#

ATS Early Childhood Education Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Dr. Cornman & Ms. Milner)
To join by phone ‪(US) +1 919-694-3080‬ PIN: ‪542 520 090‬#

ATS Fire Science Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Ms. Peters & Mr. Huskey)
To join by phone ‪(US) +1 901-443-8998‬ PIN: ‪161 254 006‬#

ATS Health Services Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Ms. Eberhart)
To join by phone (US) +1 478-353-3160‬ PIN: ‪118 821 281‬#

ATS Health Services Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Ms. Frank)
To join by phone (US) +1 662-618-2328‬ PIN: ‪367 374 758‬#

ATS Health Services Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Ms. Hand) 
To join by phone ‪(US) +1 707-732-4315‬ PIN: ‪650 961 935‬#

ATS Heating, Refrigeration, & AC Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Kaune)
To join by phone (US) +1 470-485-8970‬ PIN: ‪523 427 694‬#

ATS Metal Fabrication Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Rodden)
To join by phone (US) +1 954-637-3322‬ PIN: ‪815 456 480‬#

ATS Welding Virtual Welcome Night Meeting (Mr. Candela)
To join by phone ‪(US) +1 575-305-4307‬ PIN: ‪997 631 666‬#

The career programs at Jefferson College Area Technical School (ATS) help students begin preparation for a great career while still in high school. Visit the ATS Success Stories page to see how former students are excelling in their career paths that were discovered through one of the ATS programs!

If you have questions, or need further information, please contact:
Darrell Kyle, Director or (636) 481-3423

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