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Meet the Admissions Team

Jefferson College Admissions Team

Welcome to Jefferson College!

Whether you’re enrolling in classes or still considering if Jefferson College is right for you, our experienced admissions team can help you navigate the applications and enrollment process. We invite you to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have about becoming a Viking.

Jared AuBuchon

Jared AuBuchon Admissions Representative
Hi, I’m Jared! I graduated from Festus High School in 2012. Immediately after, I made the easy decision of enrolling at Jefferson College! After receiving my Associate of Arts from Jefferson College, I transferred to Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and my Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel Administration. During that time, I had the pleasure of working with Leadership Programs, Campus Recreation, New and Transfer Student Programs, and Club Sports. Working with a diverse group of students allowed me to develop a passion for listening to students and helping them achieve their goals. Now, I'm excited to come back to Jefferson College as an Admissions Specialist. My role at the College focuses on recruiting and assisting high school students take the next step in their educational journey. I would love to discuss how Jefferson College can get you started on your college and career path. You can reach me via email at or call me at 636-481-3226. 

Jess Bartlett, Admissions RepresentativeJess Bartlett, Admissions Representative
Hello! My name is Jess and I am an Admissions Representative here at Jefferson College with a focus on adult learners. I am originally from the Jefferson County area, growing up in Arnold and graduating from Fox High School in 2006. I went to Maryville University right after high school graduation; however, I had to withdraw before even finishing my first semester. Life happened including a husband, three kids, and a new house in Troy, Missouri over the next 7 years.

In 2013, as a wife, full-time employee, and mom of three kids ages 2, 6, and 13, I decided it was time to go back to school. I attended St. Charles Community College and went all in, working 40 hours a week at my job and going to school 18 credit hours at a time to complete my Associate of Arts in Elementary Education in December of 2014. Upon graduation, I quickly secured a job at a private preschool as a teacher and taught for the next five years. Over these five years I developed a deep passion for fitness and nutrition. In 2019 I moved back into the Jefferson County area to Festus and since life was changing, I decided to follow my new found passions and go back to school again. In 2019 I enrolled in Logan University where I graduated in December of 2020 with my Bachelors in Human Biology and then quickly applied for my graduate program. In December of 2022 I graduated from Logan University again, this time with my Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance. 

My history above demonstrates that I completely understand and empathize with the adult population. I understand what it can mean to truly be an adult learner and the challenges that may accompany this, including feeling older than everyone, being a parent, spouse, and/or an employee, and having other responsibilities in your life. My experiences brought me to where I am now, which is working to bring other adult learners like myself to Jefferson College to follow their passions! So no matter your age or how long you’ve been out of school, I would love to get you started on your journey here at Jefferson College. You can reach me via email at or call me at 636-481-3245.

Jaclyn Birks

Jaclyn Birks, Early College Coordinator
Hi, I'm Jaclyn! I am the Early College Coordinator here at Jefferson College! I help students that are taking college classes while they are in high school, known as dual credit and dual enrollment, with the admission, registration, and advising processes. This includes students that are in the cohort programs we have with our local high schools, which allow these students to complete their associate degree at the same time they graduate high school.

I did not take a direct path to Jefferson College, but I am confident I have ended up in the right place. I attended Jefferson R7 through 8th grade and graduated from Crystal City High School, where I took a handful of classes for dual credit through Jefferson College. After high school, I lived in Cape Girardeau, Missouri while I worked on my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration degrees at Southeast Missouri State University. I worked as an Admissions Coordinator at Southern Illinois University and as a Hall Director at Southeast Missouri State University before I got the incredible opportunity to move home and begin working here at Jefferson College in July 2018. It has certainly been a perfect fit for me! I love getting to work with our early college students and helping them get on the right track for whatever path they want to pursue after their time as a Viking.

If you have questions about early college, please feel free to reach out to me! I can help with any of your questions related to the admission process, registration, advising, financial aid and paying for college, the programs we offer, and transferring after Jefferson College. You can send me an email at or call me at 636-481-3216. I can't wait to see you on campus soon!

Shauna Gore

Shauna Gore, Admissions Technician
Hi, I’m Shauna! I am an Admissions Technician at Jefferson College. I was born and raised right here in Jefferson County and attended DeSoto High School. While in high school, I started my journey at Jefferson College through enrollment of Dual Credit courses. After graduating high school, I continued taking courses at Jefferson College where I earned my Associate of Arts Degree. In 2017, I was given the opportunity to begin working here at Jefferson College and assisting students through the Accessibility Resource Office. I love working with and really getting to know students so I can better assist them in the next steps of their journey. If you have any questions, I am happy to help! You can email me at or call me at 636-481-3228.

Carrie Greer, Director of AdmissionsCarrie Greer, Director of Admissions
Hi, I'm Carrie. I enrolled as a student at Jefferson College in the fall of 1999, and I loved it so much that I never left! I held roles as an administrative assistant, recruiter, and an academic advisor before becoming the Director of Admissions in January 2020. I taught first year experience classes for five years and immensely enjoyed helping new students learn the skills they needed to succeed in college. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Communication and my Master's Degree in Adult and Higher Education from the University of Missouri - St. Louis while also working full time. Working in Admissions gives me the opportunity to witness the transformative effects that education can have on someone's life. My grandmother was actually the first adult learner to enroll when Jefferson College first opened, and I think of her - in her forties with four kids at home, determined to finally get that college education she always dreamed of - any time I meet a new student who isn't quite sure if college is the right choice. I promise you - it is! Please reach out to me at or 636-481-3220 if you need help getting started. 

Lauren Kempfer

Lauren Kemper, Admissions Assistant
Hello! My name is Lauren, and I am an Admissions Assistant here at Jefferson College! I graduated from Ste. Genevieve High School in 2011 and then earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Environmental Studies from Southeast Missouri State University. I moved to Festus, MO in 2016 while I was in the midst of a nine-year long career in the retail industry! After several years of managing a business and leading a team, I learned that I had a passion for development and decided it was time for a change.  I wanted to find a way to combine my skills and experience with my passion for helping people to build new skills, gain confidence in new environments, and enter new phases in life.  I soon discovered that Jefferson College was the perfect fit for me!

I know that making life changes and taking the journey of self-growth can be both scary and exciting, and I would like all current and potential students to know that our entire Admissions team is here to support you.  Whether you have a clear idea of how to reach your goals or have no idea how to get started, I am here to help!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions and let me know what I can do for you.  You can email me at or call me at 636-481-3235.

Debbie RunziDebbie Runzi Early College Advisor

Hi, my name is Debbie.  I graduated from Crystal City High School in 1989. (Yes, I think I win for the eldest member of the Admissions team!) I attended Southeast Missouri State University where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education for Spanish. I taught Spanish for seven years at Herculaneum High School and two years at Festus High School. I received my Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Missouri Baptist University in 2005. I began my high school counseling career with Herculaneum High School in the fall of 2003. Our family moved to the Jefferson City area where I became the Director of Counseling at Jefferson City High School for five years. Our family returned to the Jefferson County area in the summer of 2014 and I began working as the high school counselor at Jefferson High School (R7) until my retirement in June of 2023. After 29 wonderful years working with high school students, I was ready to slow down a bit and spend more time with my husband, our three grown daughters, and our grandson. Part of my focus as a high school counselor was working with Early College students through Jefferson College, so when this part time job opened up to work with Jaclyn Birks and the Early College program, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. So I applied and here I am! I am eager to work with the Early College students in Jefferson County and look forward to working with the students and their families! Since I am a part-time employee, the best way to reach me is via email at

Samantha Strite

   Samantha Strite, Admissions Assistant
Hi, I'm Samantha! I am an Admissions Assistant here at Jefferson College! I graduated from Hillsboro High School in 2022, and then began my Associates Degree at Jefferson College. I am now pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Communications at Missouri Baptist University through Jefferson College. I have loved being a student and working to help other students! 

I started as a Student Leader in the Office of Admissions and I very quickly fell in love with the people I worked with and the environment of Jefferson College. During this time, I was still a student enrolled in classes here, and I was unsure of what I wanted to do in the future. After constant discussions with the people around me, higher education was calling my name! I love to work with students and to help students one step at a time. 

I cannot wait to help you get started here at Jefferson College. I am happy to help you with the first steps to a big bright future! I will guide you through the exciting journey of becoming a part of our vibrant community. With a passion for education and a commitment to ensuring every student's success, I'm here to make your admissions process as smooth and seamless as possible. You can email me at  or call me at 636-481-3217. 


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