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Department Authority & Services

The Police Department is located in the Viking Woods Apartment complex, 802 Mel Carnahan Drive , apartment #214. We provide protection and services to the main campus of Jefferson College at Hillsboro by foot and vehicular patrol 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are charged with the responsibility of enforcing federal, state, and local laws as well as enforcing any and all policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Trustees of Jefferson College. We offer these services to the Arnold and Imperial sites on a more limited basis. Police Officers are sworn police officers. Police Officers do maintain strong relationships with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Hillsboro Police Department, and Arnold Police Department and share assistance as needed.

Services Provided by the Police Department:

Campus Training
the police department will provide periodic training for the campus community throughout the year covering multiple topics in security and emergency management.  

Police Officers are available to provide escort service to and from any location on the Jefferson College Hillsboro campus (24/7) and during operating hours at the Arnold and Imperial campus locations. Please be patient when calling as officers may be busy handling other calls. All escorts provided will be a "walking" escort. No rides/escorts in a police vehicle will be provided.

Jump Starts
Officers will assist stranded motorist on the Jefferson College Hillsboro campus. In most instances, officers will provide a jumpstart for vehicles that do not start. However, with the new computer and diagnostic equipment in newer vehicles, officers may not be able to provide the service. If the officers can not provide the service they will assist the motorist in helping locate a local service provider that will help them.

Keys Locked in Your Vehicle
If you lock your keys in your vehicle, campus police officers will assist you in getting your keys out of your vehicle.

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