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Integrated Strategic Planning and Institutional Research

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Reports. The October IPEDS reports for Institutional Characteristics, 12 Month Enrollment, and Completions were completed and submitted. IPEDS is a mandatory federal report that is required three times per year and ensures compliance for Title IV funding.

Additional Reports Completed. The Institutional Research (IR) Team along with Ryan Kelly from Student Services submitted reports for the National Community College Benchmark Project (NCCBP), Perkins Grant, and Enhanced Missouri Student Achievement Study (EMSAS) – fall enrollment, completions, and course reports. The IR Team also responded to 37 data requests from College faculty and staff from August to November 2023.

Institutional Assessments (IA) Data Analysis. Reports and data analyses were conducted for selected departments that were compiling institutional assessments for the current IA cycle: Art, Biology, Early Childhood Education, Business Administration and Management, Geography, Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology. In addition to the academic IAs, the IR Team assisted the Library, Police Department, Foundation, and the Marketing and Public Relations departments with their co-curricular IA reports.

Mid-America Association for Institutional Research (MidAIR) Conference. Matt Husky, Andy Swanson, Ryan Kelly, and Dr. Kershaw attended the MidAIR conference and led one of the breakout sessions. During their presentation, the team shared data and analyses conducted about student outcomes in Math, English, Science and other disciplines after receiving tutoring services at the Academic Success Center.

Transition to PowerBI for Institutional Data Dashboards. The PowerBI or Business Intelligence transition is on track for publication to the MyJeffco website in January 2024. The Power BI Data Dashboards will replace the current Jeffco Digest, which uses the Tableau visualization, and will provide additional functionality for users.

Capital Projects Review. The Strategic Planning Committee coordinated applications and reviewed presentations for capital projects to be implemented in the 2024-25 academic year.

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