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Assessment and Accreditation

New Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Accreditation Liaison Officer. As of December 2023, the role of Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) will transition from Dr. Kim Harvey-Manus to Dr. Josephine Kershaw. In preparation for her new ALO role, Dr. Kershaw participated in a six-week orientation to the ALO duties and responsibilities related to institutional accreditation. She also attended the HLC Program Assessment workshop sessions in early November and the HLC webinar that presented an Overview of the Substantive Change process.

National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) Review. Dr. Kershaw is serving as a NACEP peer reviewer for the current accreditation cycle. NACEP aims to ensure that courses offered to area high school students for college credit are as rigorous as the corresponding courses offered by the sponsoring college to enrolled college students. As the sole accrediting body for concurrent enrollment partnerships, NACEP ensures that these educational programs adhere to high quality standards.

Institutional Data Needs Assessment (IDNA) - Software Task Force Update. This task force is under the newly-established Technology Committee and is reviewing document management options for accreditation evidence, assessment data, and strategic planning uses, as well as storage of college reports. Dr. Kershaw is chair of the IDNA - Software Task Force. Various demos for external solutions have been reviewed and discussed. A table summarizing key elements of internal and external options is in progress and a rubric will be completed as part of the Task Force’s final report.

View the Jefferson College accreditation statement and verify specific programs that are accredited/approved by a variety of organizations.

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