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Legion of Gamers

The Legion of Gamers is a club of Jefferson College that fosters equality, friendship, and active social commitments. We work to expand the community and give back to the general public of Jefferson County.

Our goals are to promote a sense of community and teamwork through various gaming activities offered to Jefferson College students. As well as bringing people together from many diverse social groups, we strive to build positive, lasting relationships and a support structure for new and returning students.

Meetings are every Wednesday at 3 pm in ASI Room 115 (Lecture Hall 1).

Upcoming Events:

Legion of Gamers Officer Team

Hannah Harper

Vice President
Brendan Kelso

Duncan Noack

Wesley Wisdom

Events Coordinator
Nikki Wisdom

For more information:
James Dixon, Club Advisor
Phone: 636-481-3184

Matt Price, Club Advisor
Phone: 636-481-3469