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Legion of Gamers

The Legion of Gamers seeks to create, expand, and give back to a Jefferson College community that fosters equality, friendship, and active social commitments.

The goals of the Legion of Gamers is to promote a sense of community and teamwork through various games and gaming activities offered to Jefferson College students.  We strive to build positive relationships and a support structure for new and returning students as well as bring people from diverse social groups to further advance the sense of community at Jefferson College.

For more information:
Matt Price, Club Advisor
Phone: 636-481-3469

Upcoming Events:

LOG & Psych Club Presents: Horror Game Night

Friday, March 13, 2015 from 5 - 10 pm, 
Student Center Viking Room, $2 Entrance Fee 
$3 to Challenge Your Friends or Get a Safety Bracelet!

All proceeds go towards, Child's Play, a game industry
charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys
and games in our network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. 

Learn more about Child's Play.


For more information, please contact:
Nick Marmaduke, or
Stephanie Folks,

Every Wednesday, 3 pm, ASI Room 115


LOG Officer Team

Stephanie Folks
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Vice President
Nathan Evans
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Maddie Graham
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Jason Scarbrough
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