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Application Process

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Level I/PN and Level II/RN have Full Approval from the Missouri State Board of Nursing (MSBN).

The Bi-level Nursing Program admits all beginning nursing students to Level I/PN, with students progressing to Level II/RN after graduation from Level I/PN.  A limited number of already practicing LPN's are admitted to Level II/RN on a space available basis only.  All students progressing within the program must meet progression requirements, including licensure as an LPN by midterm of the first semester of Level II/RN.  Once progression requirements are met, admission to Level II/RN is automatic; reapplication is not necessary.

Click here for the 2016-17 Bi-level Nursing Student Handbook

Clinical Practicum Requirements

Level I/PN evening/weekend students are required to attend the occasional weekday clinical practicum.

Level II/RN day and evening/weekend students are required to complete one 12-hour shift every other week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday.  See Clinical Options.

Immunization Requirements (Click here)

All clinical/immunization requirements are due by the end of the first week of class.  Students who have not completed the requirements by this time, will not be allowed in class. Any class time missed, will count as an absence and is subject to the attendance policy found in the nursing student handbook.

Licensure Results

  2013 2014 2015
NCLEX-PN 100% 92.73% 94.44%
NCLEX-RN 85.45% 86.67% 78.18%

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Jefferson College Nursing Program Seeks Public Comments
Preparation for State Board of Nursing Visit

Jefferson College is seeking comments from the public about its Bi-Level Nursing program in preparation for a site visit by the Missouri State Board of Nursing on Thursday, September 15, 2016.

The team will review the Jefferson College Bi-Level Nursing program’s ongoing ability to meet the Minimum Standards for Professional Nursing Education

Members of the public are invited to submit comments to: Jefferson College Bi-Level Nursing Program, 1000 Viking Drive, Hillsboro, MO 63050. All comments must be in writing and signed. Comments cannot be treated as confidential.

All comments must be received by September 12, 2016.