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Strategic Planning

Jefferson College is committed to a collaborative strategic planning process that supports achievement of the Mission, Vision, and Values of the College. Our strategic planning efforts are designed to effectively support a process of continuous improvement and to involve all of our stakeholders including the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students and our community. Only through partnering with our community as a whole, can Jefferson College become the institution it aspires to be. Community involvement will help us advance educational and workforce opportunities within Jefferson County and beyond.

The primary purpose of long-range planning is to ensure that institutional resources are focused on the achievement of a set of strategic aims that support the College’s Mission and Vision. The College develops a five-year Strategic Plan to guide overall operations. 

View the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

The plan contains four strategic priorities that serve as a framework to enable Jefferson College administration, faculty, and staff to live out the mission of the College and move toward achievement of the vision by 2025.

Strategic Priority 1 - Student Success

Strategic Priority 2 - Instructional Excellence

Strategic Priority 3 - Operational Excellence

Strategic Priority 4 -  Community Engagement





Additional annual planning occurs at the department and institutional levels through Jefferson College's efforts in Integrated Planning. Through a process of assessment, planning, and implementation, integrated planning encompasses plans and processes that work together to increase effectiveness and achieve greater outcomes within the availability of institutional resources. Both vertically aligned from the institutional mission to the lowest level plans, and horizontally aligned across schools and service departments, each plan considers the connections between plans to create a cohesive set of planning documents to guide the institution's direction in fulfilling its mission.

The following integrated plans help to serve institutional committees, divisions, and departments in support the achievement of the Strategic Priorities to advance the Mission and Vision of the College:

Action plans are put in place following assessment processes that identify areas of focus to support the overall Strategic Priorities of the College. The Strategic Planning Committee is part of the institutional committee structure and provides support to ensure effective implementation of the Strategic Plan and resources to assist with departmental planning including overseeing the annual Capital Projects process that is tied to the institutional Strategic Priorities.

The information on the following links support our long range and annual planning efforts:

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