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Professional Judgment Information & Forms

Professional Judgment Form

2021-2022 Professional Judgment Request Form
For the terms of Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022

If your family situation has been altered significantly from the information you were required to provide on the FAFSA, your previous income information may no longer be an accurate indicator of your family’s ability to contribute to your educational costs. In some instances, Student Financial Services may be able to make a Professional Judgment and use projected or actual income rather than previous income information on the FAFSA. 

Extenuating Circumstances warranting Professional Judgment Consideration:

  • Loss of employment (must have been unemployed for at least 10 consecutive weeks)
  • Loss or significant change in income (change must have occurred for at least 10 consecutive weeks)
  • Change in marital status after applying for Federal Student Aid
  • Death of a parent or student’s spouse after applying for Federal Student Aid
  • Unusually high medical expenses (not covered by insurance, exceeding 11% of adjusted gross income, and not claimed as a deduction on income taxes)
  • One-time income
  • Other extenuating circumstances (consumer debt such as auto loans, credit cards, etc. cannot be considered)



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