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Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is an alternative method for students to earn college credit for alternative education or experience-based learning that has been acquired outside of standard postsecondary institutions. This could include learning from employment and life experience, individual study, participation in informal courses, or in-service training by business, government, and industry. CPL is not awarded for experience, but for college-level learning.

Jefferson College uses several methods designed to grant college credit to students with a wide variety of educational experiences. Any student enrolled at Jefferson College who has or would like to participate in the following programs may be eligible:

  • Standardized Tests
  • Institutional Challenge Examinations
  • Industry Credentials
  • Published Guides
  • Apprenticeship Training
  • Portfolio Evaluation

Students are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor regarding the use of Credit for Prior Learning in their educational planning.

For more information on methods of awarding Credit for Prior Learning, please review our Credit for Prior Learning Guide.

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