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Study Abroad

"If you study abroad at any point in the future, you will find that you come back knowing more about the world and more about yourself. It is inevitable. And it is supposed to be that way. Our experiences shape who we are and how we view the world around us. Hopefully, they shape us for the better. 

Studying abroad not only provides opportunities for new experiences and worldviews; it also provides a unique way to complete an education, accelerates maturity, nurtures independence and self-confidence, and builds strong lifelong friendships."   - Rachel Wood

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Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad…

10.  Make friends with people from all over the world.
9.  Live and study in places you’ve only dreamed of.
8.  Experience new adventures that would never be possible if you stay at home.
7. Use your scholarships and financial aid towards program costs.
6.  Become an “international citizen.”
5.  Boost your resume with an unusual and eye-catching experience.
4.  Learn an entirely new language, or become fluent in a language you’ve already studied.
3.  Apply credits earned from study abroad towards graduation requirements.
2.  Achieve deeper understanding and knowledge levels.
1.  You only live once. Don’t regret not studying abroad, be one of the ones who just did it!


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