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Health/Physical Education

The physical education department offers a variety of activities to enhance students' knowledge of fitness and wellness, and physical activity to enhance or maintain adequate health. We help students to develop a lifetime program to take control of their personal health and lifestyle habits.

Health/Physical Education Institutional Course Guides
The following links are for Institutional Course Guides, which detail expected learning outcomes, outlines of topics, and methods of instruction and evaluation:

HPE101   Physical Fitness I
HPE102   Volleyball I
HPE106   Weight Training I
HPE107   Aerobics I
HPE109   Beginning Golf
HPE122   Water Fitness
HPE124   Recreational Water Activities
HPE130   Personal Health
HPE132   First Aid and C.P.R.
HPE135   Coaching Baseball
HPE138   Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
HPE140   Foundations of Sport Management
HPE150   Care/Prevention of Athletic Injuries
HPE201   Physical Fitness II
HPE202   Volleyball II
HPE206   Weight Training II
HPE207   Aerobics II
HPE230   Tournament & Event Management
HPE235   Sport Management Practicum

Health/Physical Education Academic Plan
The Academic Plan is a semester-by-semester plan for the full-time college-ready student. Part-time students should work with an advisor to customize the map to fit individual needs.

2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Open House - 5600 - APR 2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Showcase - 5600 - APR