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Insulin Administration

PRE-REQUISITE: Student must be a registered CMT or MA-1 to qualify for registration in this course. 

Are you currently a CMT or an MA-1, interested in expanding your skill sets?  The demand for trained medical professionals will continue to rise, as the population continues to age. Nursing homes and long-term care facilities are looking for well-trained, certified professionals who have additional training or certification in Insulin Administration. We are pleased to expand our Health Career offerings to include the Insulin Administration course.


This course will present information on diabetes, including symptoms, medications, and treatment. In addition, insulin administration, infection control practices and observation techniques will also be taught; in order to qualify students to perform this procedure at long-term care facilities in Missouri. 

This two session course consists of a 4-hour classroom session, including a written final, and a separate 2-hour practicum with a test; which must be arranged with the instructor. Textbook not included

  Tuition: $125


To register, please call Workforce and Employment Services at (636) 481-3144 or email

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