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Jefferson College Area Technical School Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many schools attend Jefferson College Area Technical School (ATS)?

A: 11 high schools in Jefferson County send students to the ATS, including homeschooled students.

Q: How many programs are there at the ATS?

A: There are 14 programs Career and Technical Education programs at the ATS.

Q: Who chooses which students come to the ATS?

A: Admissions decisions are made collectively by the ATS administration, faculty, and sending high school. 

Q: What are the criteria for admission?

A: Each program has unique criteria aligned with career-specific guidelines.  Admissions teams examine grades, attendance, behavior, courses taken, and other individual information from each student.   

Q: Can students earn college credit in any program?

A: Students can earn college credit in 11 programs that the ATS offers. More information can be found in our Career Guide

Q: How and when will I know if my student has been accepted to the ATS?

A: Students will find out by both their school counselor and from a letter of acceptance from the ATS. Most enrollment decisions are made in March and April.

Q: What happens when a program is full?

A: If a program is full, prospective students’ applications will be routed to their second-choice program for review. 

Q: If my son/daughter is on a waiting list, how will I find out if an opening occurs?

A: ATS typically notifies the sending school counselor as openings occur. Sometimes, students and their parents are contacted directly, and students are asked to accept or decline the offer quickly in order to efficiently manage the waitlist.

Q: How many students are in each program?

A: The number of students varies depending on the program. 

Q: How will my son/daughter get to the ATS?

A: Each sending school provides bus transportation to and from the ATS. In certain cases, however, students may drive if they have permission from the sending school and the ATS.

Q: What are the class times for the ATS?

A: AM Session: 9 am - 11 am, PM Session: 11:55 am - 1:55pm

Q: Can I schedule an individual tour of the ATS?

A: Of course! Call the ATS Coordinator, Sarah Perry, at 636-481-3498, or email to arrange a visit during regular school hours. The ATS also offers a “Be a Guest” where students can sit in on a particular class that may interest them. Contact your school counseling office to schedule.

Q: When should I apply?

A: The ATS has programs for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school. Students should apply the year before they intend to enroll at the ATS. It is important to apply early, since some programs fill as early as January. Students are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as they have decided that a program at the ATS aligns with their ICAP. 

Q: Is there a tuition cost for parents?

A: No. Enrollment at the ATS is covered by the student’s high school, however, students and their parents are responsible for purchasing the supplies needed for the career education programs. More information on supply requirements and estimated costs can be found in our Career Guide.  

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: Details about all our programs are available on our website:  You may also call the ATS Coordinator, Sarah Perry, at 636-481-3498, or email


Q: What is a Student Services Representative?

A: A Student Services Representative is a liaison for the ATS and all partner schools for IEP/504  meetings. The Student Services Representative also serves as a special services coordinator for students with IEPs/504 plans while at the ATS and is responsible for facilitating modifications and accommodations for students at the ATS.

Q: How does an IEP work at the ATS?

A: A student’s IEP works the same at the ATS as it does at their home school. All accommodations and modifications are met within the same guidelines as directed in the IEP. However, there are a few specific accommodations or modifications that cannot be met in certain ATS programs due to the nature of the respective program. Sometimes these are based on safety concerns for the student or other students in the class. Any particular concerns regarding meeting accommodations or modifications will be addressed on an individual basis. 

Q:  When is it necessary to complete the Accessibility Resource Office (ARO), formerly Disability Support Services, application?

A: To receive accommodations for your IEP or 504 plan, the ARO application needs to be filled out for review when enrolling in a dual credit or college ATS Program. 

Q:  What ATS Programs are considered dual credit or college credit?

A:  Our current dual credit or college credit ATS Programs include: Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Digital Media, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Fire Science Technology, Health Info Technology, Health Services II, Heating, Refrigeration & AC, Precision Machining Technology, and Welding Technology.

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