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Resources for Families

College is an experience that affects the whole family, so welcome to the Jefferson College community! As a member of the community, we want to provide you some information and resources that will help you and your student be successful.  

What to Expect

  • Starting college is a time of transition for a student. Whether a student is coming directly from high school or from the workforce, college presents them with a range of experiences, emotions, and opportunities. 
  • Areas that students struggle with include: 
    • Independence - College students are ultimately responsible for attending class, submitting work, and asking for assistance when they need it. 
    • Time - Demands on time differ in college. Instead of being in class all day five days a week, a student may have class only 2 days a week. It is recommended that for every hour spent in class a student should spend three hours studying. Often our students are often juggling classes, family life, and work life. These new demands on student time will require focus and organization. 
    • Academic expectations - College courses may require a student to take more time to prepare for a class, study, or write papers. Students may find they need to adjust their approach to studying or seek extra help.

  • College comes with a lot of new processes that a student must navigate. The student handbook and catalog outlines processes and procedures. We also help with all of the new terms in our What's the Word page.
  • College provides a student with new opportunities including:  taking a class on a subject they’ve never experienced, joining a club or organization, attending cultural or athletic events, exploring leadership opportunities and more. Getting involved in these opportunities can help a student adjust to the transition to college. 
  • Another area that college differs is the classroom environment and interaction with instructors. Instructors expect students to come to class prepared having done the work for class with appropriate materials for the class. Students are also expected to ask questions and engage in the material. Instructors hold office hours for students to ask questions or discuss concerns. 

How to Support Your Student

  • One area all college students need from their families is encouragement. Ask them about their classes. Provide a pep talk before a big test.
  • During the transition to college, students may find that they have to adjust how they study or organize their time. Things that might have come easy to them are now more difficult. Encourage your student to talk about their experience. Remind them of the many resources that Jefferson College has to offer.
  • Getting involved is one of the best ways to adjust to college. Attending a club meeting or a musical event allows you to try something new in a safe environment. Not all students have time for extracurricular activities, but it is still vital to connect with others on campus. Getting to know instructors or staff can help a student make a connection and find help when they need it. 
  • Remind them of resources and to ask for help.

Additional Resources

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Financial Information / Paying for College

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