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Dispensary Agent Fundamentals

Jefferson College Dispensary Agent Master Course

What is a Dispensary Agent? 

A dispensary agent is a frontline retail position for medical cannabis businesses. They serve both as product experts and customer service specialists and guide patients through the purchasing process. 

What will I learn with this training? 

The Dispensary Agent Master course at Jefferson College prepares students for entry-level employment as a medical cannabis dispensary agent in the state of Missouri. Topics include compliance and control, product selection, regulatory and business principles, patient consultation, industry ethics and professionalism, and standard operating procedures. 

The course format is entirely asynchronous online and takes 6 weeks to complete

Instruction is provided by certified cannabis industry professionals. Maximum enrollment is 30 students per cohort. The minimum age to enroll in the Dispensary Agent Master Course is 21. The cost for this program is $2,000.

What career opportunities does a Dispensary Agent have? 

A dispensary agent will work at a medical cannabis dispensary. Pay for this occupation ranges from $14 to $16 per hour and is based on skill and experience. Individuals may have the opportunity to advance into management positions and some may decide to open their own dispensary. Openings in this field are projected to increase.

How do I apply? 

Complete the application for the Dispensary Agent program. Submit the application to After submitting your application, call 636-481-3144 to submit payment.

Cohort 3: June 14 - July 23

Cohort 4: September 20 - October 29

Note: Financial aid for this program is not available but employer sponsors are welcome. 

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