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  • Kaitlin Nagel
    • Name: Kaitlin Nagel
    • Title: Temp-Nursing
    • Department: Nursing
  • Connie Nash
    • Name: Connie Nash
    • Title: Director of Academic Services
    • Department: Office Of Academic Services
    • Phone: 636-481-3170
  • Earl Neal
    • Name: Earl Neal
    • Title: Adjunct-Emergency Medical Tech
    • Department: Emergency Medical Technology

    Bio: Bachelor of Business Adm. Fontbonne University

    Mr. Neal has been in the Emergency Medical field for over 34 years. He started his career with Abbott Ambulance before becoming the course coordinator for IHM EMS training. He spent 10 years on the St. Louis City Fire Department with the last 6 years on the Rescue Squad. After retiring from the fire service he was the EMS Program Coordinator for St. Louis Community College. He then spent 13 years working as the Ambulance Administrator for North Jefferson County Ambulance District and Johnson County Ambulance District. After leaving the ambulance service he was hired by Jefferson College. Mr. Neal has been teaching in EMS since 1984.

  • Janel Nelson
    • Name: Janel Nelson
    • Title: Adjunct-Teacher Education
    • Department: College Studies
  • Janel Nelson
    • Name: Janel Nelson
    • Title: Adjunct-Teacher Education
    • Department: Teacher Education
  • Timothy Nengel
    • Name: Timothy Nengel
    • Title: Adjunct-Fire Science EMT(ATS)
    • Department: Fire Science Emt (Ats)
  • Brittany Neuman
    • Name: Brittany Neuman
    • Title: Adjunct-OTA
    • Department: Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Dana Nevois
    • Name: Dana Nevois
    • Title: Director-Veterinary Technology
    • Department: Veterinary Technology
    • Phone: 636-481-3488

    Bio: Ms. Dana Nevois is the Director of the Jefferson College Veterinary Technology Program. Dana graduated from the Jefferson College Veterinary Technology Program in 1998 and is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Additionally, she received her Master`s degree in Business Administration from Missouri Baptist College in 2009, her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Missouri Baptist College in 2002, and her A.A. degree in Liberal Arts from Jefferson College in 1996. She has worked in the veterinary field as an RVT in both small animal and laboratory animal medicine. Dana`s current duties include planning, guiding, monitoring and coordinating the activities of the Veterinary Technology Program. She also teaches part-time in the program and holds a career education teaching certificate.

    Dana attends seminars and workshops to stay current in the fields of veterinary medicine and education. Dana also maintains her professional veterinary technician license and is a member of several professional organizations including the Missouri Veterinary Technician Association, the Association of Veterinary Technician Educators, and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.

  • Lance Nevois
    • Name: Lance Nevois
    • Title: Maint Tech III
    • Department: Viking Woods Housing
    • Phone: 636-481-3297
  • Ken Newhouse
    • Name: Ken Newhouse
    • Title: Adjunct-Communication
    • Department: Communication
  • Stacey Nguyen
    • Name: Stacey Nguyen
    • Title: Instructor - Physical Science
    • Department: Physical Science
    • Phone: 636-481-3304
  • Kim Niehaus
    • Name: Kim Niehaus
    • Title: Secretary-Bldg & Grnds
    • Department: Maintenance
    • Phone: 636-481-3505
  • Nick Nihira
    • Name: Nick Nihira
    • Title: Professor - Art
    • Department: Art
    • Phone: 636-481-3377

    Bio: Nick Nihira attended Jefferson College as an Art Major and then transferred to Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. He received his Master of Fine Arts from Washington University in Saint Louis while working in the graphic and commercial art industry. Mr. Nihira works in a range of traditional and digital media.

  • Breanna Nipper
    • Name: Breanna Nipper
    • Title: PT-Admissions Assistant
    • Department: Admissions
    • Phone: 636-481-3217
  • Sheba Nitsch
    • Name: Sheba Nitsch
    • Title: Prof - Applied Comm-ATS
    • Department: Communications B
    • Phone: 636-481-3496
  • Joshua Noah
    • Name: Joshua Noah
    • Title: Adjunct-Philosophy
    • Department: Philosophy
  • William Noce
    • Name: William Noce
    • Title: Adjunct-Mathematics
    • Department: Mathematics
  • Kelsi Noeth
  • Kory Noeth
    • Name: Kory Noeth
    • Title: Temp-Law Enforcement Academy
    • Department: Law Enforcement Academy

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