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  • Brandi Gallaway
    • Name: Brandi Gallaway
    • Title: Student Development Coord
    • Department: Office Of Student Develop Director
    • Phone: 636-481-3231
  • Craig Gallup
    • Name: Craig Gallup
    • Title: Adjunct-Philosophy
    • Department: Philosophy
  • Nicholas Gamm
    • Name: Nicholas Gamm
    • Title: Temp-Law Enforcement Academy
    • Department: Law Enforcement Academy
  • Jen Gann
    • Name: Jen Gann
    • Title: Admin Specialist-BehavConcerns
    • Department: Behav Conduct Title 9
    • Phone: 636-481-3215
  • Kimberly Garzia
    • Name: Kimberly Garzia
    • Title: Library Specialist
    • Department: Library
    • Phone: 636-481-3166
  • Emily Gass
    • Name: Emily Gass
    • Title: Asst Prof-Nursing
    • Department: Nursing
    • Phone: 636-481-3548

    Bio: Ms. Gass graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis with a Bachelors in Nursing in 2004. She completed the NICU fellowship at Mercy St. Louis and worked in the NICU, PICU, Pediatric Medical Floor and Mother/Baby for 13 years. She also has 2 years` experience working in a PACU and taught Fundamental and Pediatric clinicals for Jefferson College this past year. Emily is excited to share her knowledge with all of the students.

  • Daryl Gehbauer
    • Name: Daryl Gehbauer
    • Title: VP Finance & Administration
    • Department: Business Office
    • Phone: 636-481-3120
  • Jane Gehrs
    • Name: Jane Gehrs
    • Title: Adjunct-Business Mgmt
    • Department: Business Management


  • Sonia Giles
    • Name: Sonia Giles
    • Title: Adjunct-English
    • Department: English

    Bio: English Dual instructor

  • Holli Gillam
    • Name: Holli Gillam
    • Title: Stud Conduct & Care Team Coord
    • Department: Behav Conduct Title 9
    • Phone: 636-481-3262
  • Stephanie Gillespie
    • Name: Stephanie Gillespie
    • Title: Adjunct-English
    • Department: English
  • Thomas Girard
    • Name: Thomas Girard
    • Title: Adjunct-Physical Education
    • Department: Physical Education

    Bio: Health adjunct instructor

  • Dylan Glisson
    • Name: Dylan Glisson
    • Title: Student-Student Support Servcs
    • Department: Student Support Services (Trio)
  • Gregory Gobberdiel
  • Douglas Goforth
    • Name: Douglas Goforth
    • Title: Adjunct-Computer Integ Mftg
    • Department: Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Hillary Gokenbach
  • Shauna Gore
    • Name: Shauna Gore
    • Title: Enrollment Services Suprt Asst
    • Department: Admissions
    • Phone: 636-481-3228
  • James Gowan
    • Name: James Gowan
    • Title: Temp-ATS Substitute Instructor
    • Department: Office Of Director Of Ats
  • Melanie Gowdy
    • Name: Melanie Gowdy
    • Title: Adjunct-Sociology
    • Department: Sociology

    Bio: Melanie Gowdy defines herself as an eclectic Social Work Practitioner. Specializing in macro community practice, Melanie dedicates herself to empowering communities through agency and the pursuit of social justice. As an adjunct instructor at both Jefferson College and Washington University Brown School of Social Work, she has helped equip the next generation of social justice advocates. As a social worker at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, she has been an advocate for some of our state`s most vulnerable residents. As Director of Social Work Services at 1st Choice In-Home Care Services, she empowers individuals to live with dignity.

    Some of Melanie`s accomplishments are being awarded UMSL`s Community Building Fellowship and being featured in the St. Louis Business Journal`s People on the Move as well as the St. Louis American`s Health Profile. A strong believer in being an agent of change she believes in the capacity of the human spirit to grow, thrive, and shine. Melanie enjoys a good book, a good nap, and good trouble.

  • Velouria Grace
    • Name: Velouria Grace
    • Title: PT-CDC Teacher's Asst
    • Department: Child Care Center
  • Nicholas Green
    • Name: Nicholas Green
    • Title: Temp-Law Enforcement Academy
    • Department: Law Enforcement Academy
  • Carrie Greer
    • Name: Carrie Greer
    • Title: Director of Admissions
    • Department: Admissions
    • Phone: 636-481-3220
  • Theodore Gregory
    • Name: Theodore Gregory
    • Title: Adjunct-Communication
    • Department: Communication
  • Michael Griggs
    • Name: Michael Griggs
    • Title: Assoc. Prof-Bldg Trades-ATS
    • Department: Residential Carpentry
    • Phone: 636-481-3463
  • Lexi Grove
    • Name: Lexi Grove
    • Title: PT-CDC Teacher's Asst
    • Department: Child Care Center
  • Stephanie Grubb
    • Name: Stephanie Grubb
    • Title: Assoc Professor-Biology
    • Department: Biological Science
    • Phone: 636-481-3313

    Bio: Ms. Grubb possesses a PhD in Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences from SLU School of Medicine.

  • Eric Grundmann
  • Charles Guilford
    • Name: Charles Guilford
    • Title: Adjunct-College Studies
    • Department: College Studies
  • Cody Guinan
    • Name: Cody Guinan
    • Title: Adjunct-Mathematics
    • Department: Mathematics
  • Michelle Gundlach
    • Name: Michelle Gundlach
    • Title: Faculty-Vet Tech
    • Department: Veterinary Technology
    • Phone: 636-481-3440

    Bio: Dr. Michelle Gundlach received her Bachelor`s degree in biology from Western Illinois University Summa Cum Laude in 1988. She graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine as salutatorian of the Class of 1992. Dr. Gundlach spent several years in rural mixed animal practice before changing focus to small animal clinical practice. She served 3 years as President of the Southern Illinois VMA, as well as 7 years on the Illinois State VMA Board of Directors. She accepted the position of Director of Education for the ISVMA in 2013. Teaching has always been a strong interest for Dr. Gundlach; she is happy to have the opportunity to be a veterinary technology educator at Jefferson College. She resides in Illinois with her husband, daughter, and multiple pets.

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