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  • Anna Eaker
    • Name: Anna Eaker
    • Title: Adjunct-contracted
    • Department: English
  • Stephanie Earls
    • Name: Stephanie Earls
    • Title: Payroll Specialist
    • Department: Business Office
    • Phone: 636-481-3126
  • Lauren Eatherton
    • Name: Lauren Eatherton
    • Title: Adjunct-contracted
    • Department: Biological Science
  • Jacalyn Eberhart
    • Name: Jacalyn Eberhart
    • Title: Prof-Health Occupations-ATS
    • Department: Health Services
    • Phone: 636-481-3457
  • Elizabeth Ebert
    • Name: Elizabeth Ebert
    • Title: Assoc. Professor - English
    • Department: English
    • Phone: 636-481-3328

    Bio: Elizabeth ("Lisa") Ebert earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Missouri Columbia and worked for several years in public relations and editing. She later earned three teaching certificates in English, Speech and Drama, and History. She followed that up with a Master`s Degree in English from the University of Missouri St. Louis. Lisa has taught in all educational levels, from elementary through university, and her creative writings have appeared in multiple journals.

  • Ellen Ellick
    • Name: Ellen Ellick
    • Title: Adjunct-contracted
    • Department: English
  • William Ellis
    • Name: William Ellis
    • Title: Adjunct-contracted
    • Department: Physical Science

    Bio: Physical Science adjunct instructor

  • Rebecca Ellison
    • Name: Rebecca Ellison
    • Title: Professor-Comm & Theatre
    • Department: Theatre
    • Phone: 636-481-3367

    Bio: Rebecca Ellison holds a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication with a minor in English and a specialization in Education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (1992). She earned a Master of Arts in Speech Communication with an emphasis in Organizational Communication from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 1994. In 2010, she earned a PhD in Education from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Dr. Ellison began teaching at Jefferson College in August 2000. She has served on the Faculty Senate and the Cultural Events and Community Outreach Committee. She is also involved with the PACE subcommittee. Dr. Ellison has directed numerous plays and musicals in the Theatre Department. She was named the Phi Theta Kappa teacher of the year for 2003-2004 and won the Outstanding Achievement Award for Faculty (the Emerson Award) in 2007.

  • Joseph Elmore
    • Name: Joseph Elmore
    • Title: Adjunct-contracted
    • Department: History
  • Madison Emerick
    • Name: Madison Emerick
    • Title: Adjunct-contracted
    • Department: English
  • Harold Englert
    • Name: Harold Englert
    • Title: Temp-Emergency Medical Tech
    • Department: Emergency Medical Technology
  • Daniel Ennenbach
    • Name: Daniel Ennenbach
    • Title: Temp-Law Enforcement Academy
    • Department: Law Enforcement Academy
  • Kevin Evens
    • Name: Kevin Evens
    • Title: Adjunct-contracted
    • Department: Mathematics
  • Gabrielle Everett
    • Name: Gabrielle Everett
    • Title: Professor-History
    • Department: History
    • Phone: 636-481-3345

    Bio: Gabrielle Everett completed her Bachelor of Arts degree (1990) at Lyon College and her Master of Arts degree (1995) and a Specialist in Community College Teaching degree (2001) at Arkansas State University. Prior to becoming a community college instructor, she spent six years teaching in the public school system in Oxford, Mississippi. Professor Everett has worked at community colleges in Arkansas, Arizona, and Missouri. Professor Everett has served on numerous college committees and has held leadership positions on Faculty Senate and JCNEA executive councils. She is a member of the National Women`s Studies Association, the Missouri Historical Society, and the National Organization for Women, and is a contributor to the Women Airforce Service Pilots Museum. Her main area of study is 20th century America and Europe.

  • Kimberlea Eversole-Blackwell
    • Name: Kimberlea Eversole-Blackwell
    • Title: Temp-Emergency Medical Tech
    • Department: Emergency Medical Technology

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