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  • Linda Abernathy
    • Name: Linda Abernathy
    • Title: Adjunct-Business Mgmt
    • Department: Business Management
  • Luke Adler
    • Name: Luke Adler
    • Title: Temp-Law Enforcement Academy
    • Department: Law Enforcement Academy
  • Minhaj Ahmed
    • Name: Minhaj Ahmed
    • Title: Adjunct-Mathematics
    • Department: Mathematics
  • Janet Akers-Montgomery
    • Name: Janet Akers-Montgomery
    • Title: Program Director - Rad Tech
    • Department: Radiology Technology
    • Phone: 636-481-3523

    Bio: Janet currently serves Jefferson College as the Program Director of Radiologic Technology. She holds her Master`s Degree in Educational Technology from Missouri Baptist University, she graduated in 2007 with her Bachelors of Science Degree in Public Administration from Central Methodist University and obtained her Associate of Science Degree in Radiologic Technology in 1997. She is also an ARRT Registered Mammographer and has worked in the field of radiology for 16 years in a combination of modalities including: Mammography, CT Scan, Angiography, general radiography and Fluoroscopy. She has also served as a clinical instructor and adjunct faculty for other radiology programs. Janet serves on the Board of Directors for the Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists and is member of American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

  • Shawna Akins
    • Name: Shawna Akins
    • Title: Temp-Theatre
    • Department: Theatre Operations
  • Stephanie Akins
    • Name: Stephanie Akins
    • Title: Lead Teacher
    • Department: Child Care Center
    • Phone: 636-481-3443
  • Sarah Akridge
    • Name: Sarah Akridge
    • Title: Instructor - Nursing
    • Department: Nursing
    • Phone: 636-481-3415

    Bio: Mrs. Akridge entered the healthcare field after attending Certified Nurses Aide classes at Jefferson College in 2006. Since then, she has obtained her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from St. Louis University, as well as completing her certification as a medical and surgical nurse. Mrs. Akridge is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Nursing Education. Mrs. Akridge has worked in the acute care setting for over 10 years, and is excited to share her clinical reasoning and knowledge with the nursing students of Jefferson College.

  • Brian Alderson
    • Name: Brian Alderson
    • Title: Campus Police Officer
    • Department: Campus Police
  • Kari Alford
    • Name: Kari Alford
    • Title: User Services Coordinator
    • Department: Information Technology
    • Phone: 636-481-3182
  • Matthew Allen
    • Name: Matthew Allen
    • Title: Adjunct-Biological Science
    • Department: Biological Science
  • Michelle Allen
    • Name: Michelle Allen
    • Title: Financial Aid Assistant I
    • Department: Financial Aid
    • Phone: 636-481-3236
  • Samuel Allen Lewis
    • Name: Samuel Allen Lewis
    • Title: PT Lead Teacher
    • Department: Child Care Center
  • Jacob Allred
    • Name: Jacob Allred
    • Title: Student-Child Care Center
    • Department: Child Care Center
  • Karen Altenau Smith
    • Name: Karen Altenau Smith
    • Title: Instructional Design Asst
    • Department: Online Learning
    • Phone: 636-481-3483
  • Matthew Anderson
    • Name: Matthew Anderson
    • Title: Temp-Emergency Medical Tech
    • Department: Emergency Medical Technology
  • Maryanne Angliongto
    • Name: Maryanne Angliongto
    • Title: AssocDean-Math,Physics&Tech
    • Department: Off Assoc Dean Math, Physics & Tech
    • Phone: 636-481-3318

    Bio: Maryanne Angliongto has been a full-time instructor at Jefferson College since the fall of 2007. She earned her A.A.S. from ITT Technical Institute in Electronics Engineering Technology, her B.S./B.A. from UCLA in Astrophysics and Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, and her M.S. from California State University, Los Angeles, in Physics, with her thesis research on asteroid photometry. Ms. Angliongto has worked in electronics production at the UCLA Infrared Instrumentation Laboratory, which has built instrumentation for the Keck Telescope in Hawaii. She enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, reading, astronomy, live concerts, and learning new subjects.

  • Jama Anthony Petter
    • Name: Jama Anthony Petter
    • Title: Adjunct-Sociology
    • Department: Sociology
  • Laura Asinger
    • Name: Laura Asinger
    • Title: Adjunct-Psychology
    • Department: Psychology
  • Jared AuBuchon
    • Name: Jared AuBuchon
    • Title: Admissions Representative
    • Department: Admissions
    • Phone: 636-481-3226
  • Vivian Aubuchon
    • Name: Vivian Aubuchon
    • Title: Assoc. Professor-Biology
    • Department: Biological Science
    • Phone: 636-481-3402

    Bio: Assistant Professor of Biology.

  • Christopher Auchly
    • Name: Christopher Auchly
    • Title: Temp-Drama
    • Department: Theatre Instruction
  • Cheryl Aylesworth
    • Name: Cheryl Aylesworth
    • Title: Adjunct-College Studies
    • Department: College Studies

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