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Vikings Care Initiatives

Vikings Care Initiatives

On the First Tuesday of the Month, Jefferson College Community Members are asked to wear their
Vikings Care shirt to show they support student wellness. 

ask listen refer

Ask Listen Refer* is an online suicide prevention training with a goal to educate students, faculty and staff on how to ASK if someone is thinking about suicide, LISTEN to their response and REFER them to a professional. Click here to access Ask Listen Refer!


MACRO, the Missouri Alliance of Collegiate Recovery Organizations, Recovery Ally Training*, was designed to help faculty, staff, and students support individuals in recovery from substance use disorders. Click here to learn more about MACRO!

The College Behavior Profile (CBP) is a web-based brief intervention program designed to reduce high-risk drinking, marijuana use and related harms among college students.  The CBP can also reinforce low-risk behaviors and reaffirm those who choose to abstain from alcohol and marijuana use.  Click here to access Jefferson College's College Behavior Profile program.

rx drugs

Prescription drug misuse* is a quickly growing and largely unaddressed problem concerning college students. With this RX Initiative, the hope is to educate students on the dangers of prescription drug misuse as well as provide safe and healthy alternatives. Click here to learn more about Rx drug misuse and take a quick training on the topic!

The Tobacco/Nicotine and Marijuana/Cannabis Cessation Program provides a brief assessment for students wanting to quit, information about the benefits of quitting, and both campus and general resources for making a change.  Click here to learn more about this cessation program.
VPP Logo

Jefferson College Violence Prevention Project (OVW Grant Project 2018-WA-AX-0047).  To learn more about how to help a friend or find more information on awareness and prevention of interpersonal violence, please contact Saranda Lund at 636-481-3269 or  Click here for more information about On-Campus Victim Advocacy.

Jefferson College adopted the Sexual & Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course (SPARC) to provide a customized prevention and education program related to the topics of Sexual Harassment, including Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking.  Currently this course is in all COL courses and linked to the Title IX webpage. For more information, please visit our Title IX webpage at, or contact Kristine Bogue, Deputy Title IX Coordinator at, 636-481-3258, 440-462-5959 text, or Student Center 209.

*Jefferson College has partnered with Partners In Prevention (PIP) for many years to bring their initiatives to Jefferson College.  Jefferson College became a full PIP member in 2019.  PIP is Missouri's higher education substance misuse consortium dedicated to creating healthy and safe college campuses. The coalition is comprised of 24 public and private college and university campuses across the state. PIP focuses on preventing high-risk and underage drinking among Missouri's college students and addressing other problematic health behaviors such as high risk driving behaviors and problem gambling. In addition, PIP also provides support and services to campuses across the state to prevent suicide on campus and support positive mental health among college students. 

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